#GirlLoveToward the end of 2015, the wonderful and talented YouTuber Lilly Singh aka Superwoman launched a challenge called #GirlLove and I think that it’s really important to spread this message. It’s about trying to stop girls from hating on other girls and to support each other, instead. And Lilly is right, we have more important things to deal with. It should be enough that females are still discriminated within society all over the world, so we as women shouldn’t discriminate each other. The challenge is easy. Pick any female person and compliment her. Send a tweet, post on Instagram or write an article about it and include the hashtag #GirlLove. You can also just do in your every-day life and make someone’s day. If you want to participate, watch her YouTube video because with every view, money will be donated to the Malala Fund, and it explains what exactly it’s all about and it shows a bunch of lovely girls spreading the love.

Here is list with a few women that I want to send love to because I think they’re awesomesauce and I admire them for all kinds of different reasons. I could think of many more but I decided to settle for the following female inspirations. We should all stick together and make this world a better place.

  1. Lilly Singh aka Superwoman: I think Lilly is amazing because she is super positive and a highly inspirational person. She is beautiful, honest, talented and she worked hard for where she is at. Gladly, I had the chance to see her live last year and I sat in the crowd with tears in my eyes either from laughing or because her words really touched me. Thank you Lilly for this challenge and for the smile you put on people’s faces with your videos.
  2. Models Chantelle Brown-Young aka Winnie Harlow and Madeleine Stuart: These two models are absolutely beautiful and completely different from what people are used to seeing on runways. They are unique and talented and incredibly brave for living their dream, despite all the difficulties. These are just two great examples for females who are making a huge change in the minds of people about how a person should look. Unique is beautiful and it’s great that the fashion industry is starting to realize this.
  3. Khloe Kardashian: I know, people have a lot of different opinions when it comes to the Kardashians, but you just gotta love Khloe. Her transformation over the past year is very inspiring and I just think that she is a genuinely good person. She loves her family and would die for people who are important to her. And most of all, I love her for her Khl-OCD because seriously, that’s goals.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence: Because who doesn’t love J-Law?! It’s so refreshing to see someone so natural in Hollywood. She is like you and me. She’s completely down-to-earth, she can’t keep things to herself and she just cracks me up. Jennifer is a very gifted actress who also gives back a lot to people who are less fortunate. I also love her for writing an essay about gender equality in the working world. Some people say that she shouldn’t complain since she’s one of the highest paid actresses in the world, but it’s not about her wanting more. It’s about wanting the same as her male colleagues for the same work – something that all women want in the working world. Agree with her not, she is just so loveable and she is definitely on the top my list of people who I would love to hang out with. Girl, love you!
  5. Single Moms: I can’t name one specific person because there are just so many. Single mother’s should get a lot more support and credit. Most of these women do everything to raise their children properly, no matter how hard it is. I have respect for them because I know people who have to go through this and I see what they perform on a daily basis.
  6. Taylor Swift: Yes, I’m a Swifty and I think that Taylor rocks. I love how she uses her failed relationships to build a career from it because that’s how you do it. It’s sweet revenge. She is also incredibly talented and I truly believe that she is a good person. She spreads #GirlLove everyday through the immense support she gives to her friends and they give it back. Her squad is goals and can only exist due to support and respect for each other. She has a big heart and that’s what matters most. And of course, she let’s the haters hate and that’s what we should all do. Or just write a song about them.
  7. Michelle Obama: I’ve always admired the First Lady and I know that many other people do too, despite of their political interest. She is stylish, naturally funny and I would really like to meet her, one day. I would also like to give her my Master’s Thesis because I wrote it about her and her great Let’s Move campaign. I think it’s great that she so actively tries to improve the health of children across the US and I support the playful and entertaining ways in which she raises awareness for the topic. She also get’s involved in children’s general education and while she herself represents a great example of what you can achieve with proper education. And I love her for her dancing and rap skills. She’s one cool First Lady.
  8. Adele: She is so incredibly gifted and with every note she sings, she lights up our hearts. Adele, you are stunningly beautiful and so refreshingly normal. Don’t ever stop swearing like a drunken sailor and never stop singing like an angel. And your squad is definitely 100% goals.
  9. Jemma Humphreys aka Dorkface: Jemma is a UK-based blogger who is very creative and extremely good-hearted. I want to send her some #GirlLove for creating the #GirlGang through twitter and her blog. This is also a great support system for girls, especially in the social media and blogging world. This is extremely important, since the world wide web can be a cruel and very cold place and connections like these make it so much better. Ladies should support each other and that’s what Jemma supports.
  10. Ellen DeGeneres: OMG, I loooove Ellen. The world needs more funny women with big hearts and open minds. She is great with people, gives back to the world, and fights for what she believes in. She has worked very hard for where she is now and everything she does, she does in a very fun a refreshing way. How can you not love this woman?!
  11. Lady Smee: This boss-ass lady is a friend of mine and I love her for being very hard-working and goal-orientated. Also, she always supports me and gives me great advice whenever I feel down, especially when it comes to finding my way in life. We are currently in similar situations and can share our experiences no matter if good or bad. Check out her interesting blog, where she writes about intercultural experiences and interesting places she travels to.

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