15 Things That Could Make You A Little Happier

Lately, I’ve come across a lot of posts that give people ideas on how to become a happier person. I think it’s a very sweet idea because we all have these days when we just hate everyone and everything and it’s often not that easy to just let it all go. Personally, I’ve been in and out of a funk ever since I came home, almost three months ago. There are good days when I meet with people or get things done, and there are bad days when I simply refuse to leave my bed, except for food. Unfortunately, these days are still more present than my happy days. I often feel like I have no energy in me and to get me motivated to do something more sensible than sleeping or binge-watching TV shows is just really hard. It frustrates me because I wasn’t always like this. I used to be a very organized and motivated person who likes to get things done. There are personal reasons why I’m being the laziest I’ve ever been and sometimes, it’s just hard to get out of this unhappy situation. However, I do think of ways to get back on track and I want to share some of them with you. These things make me happy and maybe they’ll make you happy too. They’re simple and don’t require much.

Be a Unicorn

  1. Write to-do-lists: This is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and I definitely should go back to writing these on a daily basis. It helps me to keep organized and it’s a satisfying feeling if you can tick something off your list, which I only do with a pink pen. Write a list for anything that comes to your mind. I have general to-do-lists for a day or week, books I want to read, Disney movies that I really have to buy because they are still missing in my collection, TV shows I have to catch up on etc. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Create a “quote” board on Pinterest: To begin with, if you don’t have a Pinterest account you’re missing out on something. It’s a huge pool of inspiration for anything you need or don’t need in life. I currently have almost 60 boards and they all evolve around a different topic. My favorite one is my “quotes and sayings” board because it cheers me up with only a few little words. They also give you nice tweets, photo captions and inspiration for blog posts. Also, print out your absolute favorites and place them somewhere you can see them every day or have them handy in your bag for those moments when you’re about to lose it.
  3. Start a new project: There are times when you just don’t know what to do yourself. Ideally, you have your job or school ( I currently have neither) but it doesn’t fulfill you. How about exploring your talents? I’m pretty sure that everyone has one. Try writing or photography or any other arts&crafts ideas. A couple of years ago, I started something called a smashbook. I still love to skip through the pages and I’m very proud when I show it to people. I took a blank notebook and designed every single page in a different way. That thing is massive because unlike a scrapbook, a smashbook is about smashing anything into it. Photos, pins, jewelery, stickers, fabric – there is nothing that doesn’t work. I collected a lot of personal things from my life and now have a great presentation of it.
  4. Eat cake: Honestly, there is nothing a good piece of cake can’t fix. It shouldn’t happen too often though because that will ultimate in being unhappy again. On top of everything, you don’t want to fight with your scale. And even if weight problems are what drags you down, it’s okay to have some cake, once in while, without feeling bad about it.
  5. Watch a Disney movie: People who tell me that Disney movies are for children are definitely not my kind of people. It’s just wrong and you know it. A few talking animals, beautiful songs and unforgettable characters definitely have the power to brighten up your day. You watch one of these movies and can simply enjoy because you don’t have to think or analyze the whole time. Give Disney the power to get your mind off things for an hour or two and I’m sure that it will make you feel a little bit better.
  6. Redecorate your room: When I moved back home almost three months ago, I needed a project, something that would keep me from drowning in misery. Redoing my room was something I needed to do to grow and also to get me out of bed and give me purpose. I painted my walls, got some new furniture and gave my room a much cleaner and lighter look. My room was always pink, chaotic and super cramped. There are still a lot of identifying elements left, but it’s more white and baby pink and a little less aggressive and overwhelming. Your project doesn’t have to be as radical as mine, but a few changes here and there often make a huge difference. Try some new pillows and frames and maybe a new plant.
  7. Buy cute stationery: Trust me, one can never have too much stationery. I’ve had this habit of buying pens, notebooks, and sticky notes forever and I definitely have more than I can use. It helps to get you organized though, especially if it’s something really pretty. Trust me when I say that the feeling of writing with an esthetically pleasing pen is better than with some giveaway from your bank. You don’t have to buy three classrooms worth of notebooks like me, just pick the one you like most.
  8. Take a break from social media: I know, this is a hard one. I admire some of my friends who just deleted their Facebook account and live with it or never even got one. I could never survive without Facebook, Twitter etc. but I’m not proud of it. In the last couple of weeks, I tried to reduce my engagement a little because I often catch myself getting super frustrated over social media for various reasons. Furthermore I also get majorly distracted by it. No matter what I have to do, I always let social media get in the way of it. A little break once in a while could probably work wonders.
  9. Clean your room, pantry, garage etc.: There is a saying that when students have to study, they always have a clean room. This may not be true for everyone but I certainly was one of them. Of course one reason is procrastination. When you have to deal with something you really don’t like, cleaning up doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Aside from that, a clean environment helps you to stay focused and it also makes you feel more organized. I know that once I have my own place, my OCD will be in full effect. I need boxes, labels, shelves and more to have everything exactly in place.
  10. Take photos of your favorite things: If you love Instagram or are a blogger, you probably do this a lot. I certainly do. Even if I don’t upload them, I like to look at them in my folders. It’s a way of cherishing your belongings and if something ever happened to them, at least you have a picture.
  11. Get a Tinder account: Ok, this may only be a good idea for singles, although my bff, who’s been in a relationship for a million years, loves to tinder on other phones just for fun. She forced me into signing up and what can I say, it’s awkward but oh so funny. You don’t even have to do anything, just look at the hilarious pictures of people and maybe even text with some matches. You’ll be rolling your eyes all day. And if you’re really feeling low, like the really hot guys and feel awesome when you match. I know, I know, how superficial. Personally, I’ve never had any major problems with my confidence but a little extra boost never hurt nobody. I’ve got them hotties all lined up and I love it.
  12. Get rid of old things: A good cleanse never hurt nobody. Go through your closet, your boxes and your drawers and just get rid of old clutter. When I redecorated my room, I also sorted through everything I had and if felt so good to say goodbye to old things. Some went in the trash, some things I donated, some things I sold. Trust me, that box that reminds you of your douchebag ex-boyfriend? Let it go. Clothes you haven’t worn in years? Throw them out. And all those beauty samples you’ve been hoarding for years? It’s definitely time to let go of them.
  13. Have a dance party: Your room is the best place for it, unless you didn’t clean up. I’ve hurt myself big time by falling over a pair of shoes or something else. Turn up your favorite music and rock it out. Use your hairbrush as a microphone and pretend to give a concert. It’s your show and you’re the star. As T-Swizzle likes to tell you, just “shake it off.”
  14. Cook your favorite meal and indulge: I know that we’re all not always in the mood for cooking. You have to prepare, cook, clean and you’re just not into it everyday. I always try to cook meals that last me an extra day or two. When I plan on cooking my absolute favorite dish though, I get excited and look forward to it. I think about it at the supermarket, I think about it the night before and when the time comes, I can’t wait to cook and enjoy. Happiness can be so simple.
  15. Write a hand-written letter/card: People don’t do this a lot anymore and I think it’s a shame. I know that technology is so much easier and faster but it’s not nicer. Personally, I love to write letters and add photos, stickers etc. An email is just so bla. While I was living in the States for a year, I wrote so many letters to my loved ones at home and guess what happened, they wrote me back. On paper. I have a whole bag full of letters and cards that make me happy just thinking about them. Everytime I received mail, I was so happy about another person taking the time to sit down and write me a letter. Not just a quick email on the go or a What’s App message, but an actual hand-written letter and sometimes, they even included stickers, drawings etc. The impact is so much deeper and you will make someone very happy. And if they write you back, see how it makes you feel.

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5 Responses to 15 Things That Could Make You A Little Happier

  1. Cortney says:

    We all get in a little bit of a funk sometimes whether it’s because of something big in our lives that has changed or something as small as you hate your job ;) I think the most important thing, and what helps me is getting out of the house and out with friends or taking my anger out during some exercise. You will be out of this funk soon! Luckily, life is always moving forward. I enjoyed reading this and thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. :) You’re definitely right but sometimes it just take a while to figure everything out. I definitely should work on that “getting out of the house.” I’ve pretty much caved myself in for the last 3 months. And Note of my friends have as much time as I currently do. :D I think I’m gonna try to make some plans right now!


  2. tazhiluxe says:

    I do 2, 4, and 5 daily. There is no bad day that sweets and Lilo and Stitch can’t fix! I’m definitely saving this for later – there are so many good things on this list for when I’m in a funk and need a quick pick me up.

    Tazhiana | tazhiluxe.com

    Liked by 1 person

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