#BloggerProblems 2

Since my last post that listed #BloggerProblems was successful and many people were able to identify with most of it, I decided to put together another one. I love doing this because blogging and social media connects us all and I also like to find out what other people struggle with. I love blogging and I couldn’t imagine my life without it, but some things are just super annoying and since this is my own space, I can just get it all out.

Blogger Problems

  • When somebody constantly interacts with you in Twitter chats but just doesn’t follow you back.
  • When people unfollow you for having a different opinion.
  • When people are desperately asking for free stuff.
  • When companies don’t want to properly pay bloggers for their work.
  • When people are just purposely spreading negativity across social media.
  • When there was a beef on Twitter that you missed and you have no clue what happened.
  • When somebody hosts a chat and doesn’t really interact.
  • When someone just always pops into every chat to get attention but doesn’t really chat with anyone.
  • When somebody goes out of their way to tell you they commented on your blog and it’s one sentence.
  • When people are all about “I’m following back, let’s follow each other”, then waits for a few days and unfollows you.
  • When the community obsesses over some bloggers but you just don’t get the fuss.
  • When bloggers just kiss-up to popular bloggers and it’s just super obvious.
  • When you think that guest posts are cool but you want to keep the content for yourself.
  • When you really try to be positive and you admire people for being bold and unique, but sometimes you just want to ask “why the hell are you wearing that?” but don’t because even though you don’t like something, acceptance is key.
  • When you can’t be supportive of everyone and everything because you would be lying.
  • When you think your tweet is hilarious but zero people acknowledge it.
  • When fights erupt because people can’t have discussions like proper adults.
  • When you have to fight the urge to ask someone why the hell they unfollowed you.
  • When you have time and sit in front of your computer all day, but can’t manage to write up a post.
  • When at some point, another blogger had pretty much the same amount of Twitter followers and now their following is huge and yours is not.
  • When you realize you will never be one of the popular kids like it has always been in your life.
  • When you feel like your posts are not written colloquial enough to appeal to the masses.
  • When the light is just too bad to take a nice photo.
  • When you constantly ask yourself how some bloggers manage to pay for their lifestyle.
  • When you have so many drafts waiting to be finished but you just don’t do it.
  • When you just can’t find the time to read and comment on other blogs.
  • When you want your blog to look a certain way but can’t manage to figure out how to do it.
  • When Instagram accounts mainly repost pictures from Pinterest but have a lot of followers, while you actually make an effort.
  • When you feel like apologizing because you haven’t been very active on your blog or social media.
  • When someone offers you products but you just don’t do reviews.
  • When you think you’ll just write up a quick post and it takes forever.
  • When you just can’t understand how this whole DA score thing actually works.
  • When your head explodes with ideas but it’s just too much to handle.
  • When you have too many pictures to put into one post.
  • When there is still no option to edit tweets.
  • When you read about others overflowing inboxes but yours is empty.
  • When you’re just lazy.
  • When technology fails.
  • When you find a comment that you forgot to reply to.
  • When other bloggers just never reply to comments on their blog.
  • When you come up with something you want on every post and you have to edit everything you have published, so far.
  • When you don’t have a blogger bestie.
  • When you advertise on other blogs but your numbers are still not where you want them.
  • When you feel like you’re the only one who thinks Instagram themes are overrated.
  • When your blog posts are probably to long but you just don’t like discussing important things in two paragraphs.
  • When you feel bad about not putting much thought into SEO and Google Analytics.
  • When you want to comment on someone’s blog but the commenting process is super difficult and you need to sign up for yet another account.
  • When your computer decides to update.
  • When you can’t go to bed because you really want to finish a blog post.
  • When you’re never satisfied with anything blog related.
  • When your blog looks weird because you’re in the middle of making some changes.

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11 Responses to #BloggerProblems 2

  1. effieisbored says:

    “When you want to comment on someone’s blog but the commenting process is super difficult and you need to sign up for yet another account.” Yes omg this is one of my pet peeves! For some reason if the blog isn’t on WordPress then I have such a nightmare trying to comment. Sometimes I just give up which isn’t fair on the blogger.


  2. When the community obsesses over some bloggers but you just don’t get the fuss.
    When bloggers just kiss-up to popular bloggers and it’s just super obvious.

    These two! I just don’t get some of them. I even tried to get it, why they’re so popular and why people do it, but I can’t understand it. Tina x



    • Sameee! And the thing is, a lot of popular bloggers at some point forget that they were once little too. Once they reach a certain amount of followers, they start unfollowing you, even though you were always supportive etc. It does bug me. And I don’t know, I don’t get the hype. I’m always glad not be alone though. :)


  3. Nadia says:

    When there was beef and you missed it << hahahaha this!!!! I hate missing all the drama. But I do relate to a lot of these! Such a great post :)



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