Gilmore Girls Revival – My Thoughts And Feelings


First things first: If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet, obviously don’t read this post. If you do, don’t even think about blaming me.

Finally the day was here. A lot of people were waiting for this to happen and boy oh boy what an experience it was. After seeing promising trailers and re-watching all seven seasons of the original series, the hype was big and of course I couldn’t resist. Gilmore Girls is a special show with amazing characters and a mother-daughter relationship that can make your head spin. Expectations were super high and of course, I had to binge-watch the revival immediately. So that’s what I did all day long and here are all my thoughts and feelings about more than six hours of Stars Hollow madness.

Gilmore Girls Promo Photos Netflix


  • Just hearing that lovely melody when seeing Stars Hollow gives me all the feels.
  • I wish I could smell snow like Lorelai.
  • Rory is just sooo pretty.
  • The fact that Rory doesn’t fully have her life together at 32 makes me feel so much better about myself.
  • If anyone asks me again why it’s so hard for me to get a job in journalism, I’ll just say “ask THE Rory Gilmore.” It’s just how it is.
  • Luke’s is so not blogger friendly.
  • What the hell happened to Zack? He looks like he’s 80.
  • Paris Geller in Stars Hollow just always looks so wrong.
  • Paris had children? I want to see her as a mother.
  • Maybe we all just need a Kirk in our life.
  • How amazing do the tons of Christmas decorations at the Gilmore house look?!
  • Who the fu** is Paul? Rory, dump him immediately.
  • Yayyyy, Logan. I think they’re good together.
  • Wait, what exactly is Rory’s relationship status?
  • I have to get used to a two-timing and casual hookup-liking Rory.
  • Richard’s funeral: and here come the tears.
  • London, New York, Stars Hollow – What a life, Rory Gilmore.
  • When did everyone start drinking Scotch all the time?
  • Emily in jeans is just so…
  • I want to live in Stars Hollow. I mean yeah, it’s a small town but the community is great and it’s so pretty.
  • I can hardly recognize Miss Patty. I already had a hard time recognizing her in the promotion clips.
  • Kirk at Emily’s dinner table is just hilarious.
  • Paris is just such a great character.
  • Did Taylor even get any older?
  • How cuuuuuute, a pet pig.
  • Can you believe that Keiko Agena (Lane) is actually 43 in real life? I want her genes. It baffles me everytime.
  • In-between parts, I actually googled everyone’s ages and boy was I surprised. Real-life Kirk is only three years older than real-life Jess and Paris. Mind blown.

Gilmore Girls Revival Netflix


  • Lorelai and Emily will totally destroy that therapist.
  • I don’t know if I ever saw Mr. Kim before. I mean seriously, there is a Mr. Kim?
  • I’m loving all the London and New York shots.
  • Ugh, how much I just hate Mitchum Huntzberger.
  • I’ve always been #TeamLogan
  • Michel loves Jennifer Lawrence. He’s just awesome.
  • I would be so scared to be in a room alone with Emily.
  • Whaaat? Paris still has feelings for Tristan?
  • Guuuurl, you’re better than that.
  • Going back to your old highschool is always just super weird.
  • Oh wow, Rory doesn’t have a Master’s degree? I will never fully understand the American university system. But hey, I have a higher degree than her so there is hope for me.
  • OMG, Paris and Doyle are absolutely terrible as parents.
  • My heart breaks a little for Rory when she can’t find another way but ask for Mitchum’s help. I know how hard that is.
  • How fast can all these people talk?
  • There is not enough Rory and Lorelai time.
  • Rory freaking out about her first ONS at 32 makes me love her even more.
  • Logan is engaged to someone else??? NOOOOOOO!
  • Seriously, everything Rory is feeling, I am feeling. That can totally be me at 32.
  • So far, only one ex-boyfriend. And did she ever break up with Paul?

Gilmore Girls Revival Netflix


  • Haha, how anti summer they are.
  • “Welcome back!” Poor Rory, I know exactly how it feels.
  • I just can’t look at Zack.
  • It actually annoys me that Logan got engaged to someone who lives somewhere else. I mean, that was the reason he left Rory after graduation. Sure, he’s older now but I want them to be together.
  • Stars Hollow has a secret bar that looks more fun and cooler than anything in a 50km radius from where I live.
  • Nooooo, Michel. You can’t leave the DragonFly Inn. And where the hell is Sookie?
  • Didn’t Lorelai say in winter that Sookie is taking a six month sabbatical? Well, it’s summer, so where is she? And there were only like five seconds of Jackson.
  • I want to be editor in chief too. Even for a small newspaper. You can do so much with it.
  • It makes me so sad to see that Lorelai and Rory both seem to be struggling.
  • I love these people most for their eating habits.
  • Could Rory’s phone be any bigger?
  • I miss Miss Patty at the town meetings.
  • How can there be a Stars Hollow musical without Kirk in it?
  • And how annoying is the 30-something gang?
  • STOP showing that stupid musical. I want to see the important things.
  • FINALLY, here is Jess.
  • I really hope he gets Rory out of her rut.
  • It’s so horrible when Lorelai and Rory fight.
  • And then Luke and Lorelei fight? Noooooo!
  • Oh come on, Logan. Just leave her and be with Rory.
  • OMG, I really, really, really hated summer.

Gilmore Girls Revival Netflix


  • Really? Lorelai wants to do Wild? I can’t really see that happening.
  • Yayyy, the Life and Death Brigade. Those guys are crazy but oh so fun.
  • You’re never bored with Logan.
  • I love how he always supports and pushes Rory to go for her dreams.
  • Nooo, Rory and Logan saying goodbye is just too hard to watch.
  • Oh Luke. Why can’t all guys be like Luke?
  • Man, for a moment, I thought Luke and Lorelei would split but OMG, they’re finally getting married.
  • I need a house by the coast.
  • I can’t believe for how long Emily finally kept a maid.
  • I like the new Emily.
  • Christopher is another person who didn’t age, at all.
  • I can’t believe Rory is giving up on journalism.
  • Of course Rory and Dean just happen to bump into each other at Doose’s Market.
  • Well, that was a quick meet but I’m not a Dean fan, anyway.
  • Really? Sookie first appears in the final twenty minutes? WHY? I missed her.
  • Wait, Sookie and Jackson moved upstate? I guess I didn’t see Jackson earlier, after all. It probably was wishful thinking.
  • Michel and Sookie’s fights are the best.
  • I can’t believe Emily scares kids at a museum now. But good for her.
  • I would really love to read Rory’s book.
  • Jess will never get over Rory because he never really tried to make it work. There will always be a “what if.”
  • Wow, the town square has never looked more perfect than for Luke and Lorelai’s wedding.
  • Was that an Alice in Wonderland theme?
  • They’re having a mini wedding before the actual wedding? And Michel and Lane are there but not Jess or Sookie? That is not ok.
  • Haha, Rory forgot to break up with Paul for a whole year.
  • Rory is pregnant? Who is the father? Logan or the Wookie-ONS-guy? I need to do the math.
  • Ok, it’s more likely to be Logan and he’s getting married to someone else. Great!
  • I can’t belive how they ended the show. I’m actually screaming at my tablet.

Gilmore Girls Revival Netflix

So now, I guess it’s over and this ending totally did not satisfy me. I mean, I’m super happy that Lorelai and Luke finally got married but just ending the show with “Mom, I’m pregnant” is just not ok. I could accept this as a cliff-hanger in between seasons but this? I really think they have to make another revival when they’re all super old and Zack looks like 102. I’m still bummed that Rory and Logan didn’t end up together. Also, some typical Gilmore Girls features and characters were just missing and a lot of scenes just seemed too forced. I think it’s because us fans had super high expectations, it’s definitely easy to get disappointed. I liked winter and spring, I absolutely hated summer and fall was ok but that ending really had me screaming. But that’s just how it is with beloved TV shows: at some point they just have to end and there will always be some unanswered questions.

I know this was a long post and if you made it until here, well done. Of course, I would love to hear your opinions on this. Did you love or hate it? Which ex-boyfriend were you rooting for? Please share your emotions with me. It was so hard to not do it on Twitter because I didn’t want to spoil all the details for everyone.

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12 Responses to Gilmore Girls Revival – My Thoughts And Feelings

  1. Really good post, i agree about the musical, boring part and too long.. things i did not like it
    the paul boyfriend come on, not cheamistry with Jess :/, and the musical, that´s it ajaja, sorry but i really like gilmore girls revival, it´s modern and you can think is going to be like 10 years ago, the best is spring and i really love fall, and I cried with lorelai, maybe because i also lost my father, the story when she was 13 years old OMG, crying. Emily was the best character for me, was lovely to se her grow by herself,, finally. I am 32 and i don´t have a job, I am studing again, i don ´t understand why people think everything is a happy road when you are an adult, for me is a real deal in the modern adult life, that you have ussues, sometimes you can lost. and it´s ok. Rory was to perfect all the time, thank god she is lost here. Sorry for my bad grammar, i am not from USA.
    the final part was a big shook.. i did not see that coming, and is rare, i like it but at the same time, is like: Please tell me there are more episodes in the future :S.. also i believe the father is logan, and her luke is Jess, he change a lot, i am team Jess. I don´t feel was a bad mini series, but maybe they didn´t want to write something very disney, happy every after.. XDD


    • No worries, I can totally understand you. :) Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m glad you liked it. I totally agree with you, I’m also glad that Rory isn’t too perfect anymore, still it was surprising and I never saw her getting pregnant by a guy who will marry somebody else. Emily was definitely the best. I’m still sooo happy for her. She had the best development throughout the revival. I’m sorry that you lost your father and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you to especially watch the funeral scene. I really hope they’ll make another episode or two to help fans with all of this. I need closure. haha. xx


  2. I’m probably going to rewatch it all in the next few days but I agree with so much of this. Mr.Kim was so out of no where! I really wish Sookie was in it more as well, but I guess Melissa McCarthy probably had a really busy schedule. I also have…mixed feelings about the ending of it all. I just wanted the father to be confirmed!!


    • I don’t know, I can’t re-watch it again right now. I’m still mad. :D I bet you’re right with Melissa but still. I mean Sookie is just so amazing and she wasn’t even at the wedding. That totally made me sad. Let’s just hope there will be another episode or two at some point. xx


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  4. Serena Reidy says:

    God the musical was so annoying! But I’m so glad Lorelai and Luke finally got married! I really want there to be more episodes because that cliffhanger is so frustrating!


    • The musical was the worst thing ever. And Kirk wasn’t even in it. I mean, what the hell was the point??? I agree, they have to bring more episodes because I can’t live with a single and pregnant Rory and not knowing what happens. xx


  5. Adventures of Amelia says:

    I felt the exact same about the whole revival season! I really don’t think I would have continued to watch (willingly because how could I not see the ending) if it hadn’t been for Lorelai and Rory hadn’t had that fight at the end of Summer.


    • It was definitely hard to get through at times. I think it was just that most fans expected something completely different and ended up a little disappointed. It was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you for reading. :) xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. My only thought during Summer was: Sutton Foster! Sutton Foster! Sutton Foster!!

    Fall was so cute and absolutely my favorite!

    Also, controversial opinion… I HATED Rory. Not all the time, but overall I feel like these 4 episodes didn’t really stick with her character or do her justice for her age? You know what I mean? Maybe because ASP meant for all this to happen while Rory was in her early 20’s, which makes a lot more sense in my opinion.

    Alisha |


    • I think a lot of people felt that way. It was just so unusual for Rory to be so confused and without any idea. Personally, I liked that because I’m pretty much her age and I was totally able to relate to her situation (minus the whole preggo thing) and yeah, life can be super hard sometimes. Even if you’re a Rory Gilmore, things don’t always work out. I guess it just wasn’t what all the fans expected though… Thanks for reading! xx


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