Goodbye June 2017

Goodbye June,

and hello July. I can’t believe half a year is already over. Isn’t that crazy? That also means I’ve had my job for six months and I’m not sure if I wanna say “wow, already 6 months” or “wow, only six months”. Most of the time, I’m so exhausted, I feel like I’ve been working forever. Can’t wait for my summer vacation, starting July 26th. It’s only two weeks but they are much needed. And just looking at my stack of articles I wrote in six months, I know I’ve been working a lot. But it’s just the only thing I want to do. It also led me to meeting the winners of Germany’s Next Topmodel, who I was writing about for four months, and that was pretty cool. So yeah, it has its perks but I still need a break.

The weather has been great for the most part which is kinda annoying when you have to work. But for things like open air concerts  or ice cream dates there is nothing better. Me and some friends went to a 90s open air party and it was super fun. Best music ever! It’s also good for when you have a dog over. Grandma’s cutie stayed with us for a few days and we are just great pals. I loved having him around, going for walks, taking him to work with me and I was so sad when he had to go back home. I honestly thought about getting a dog, as so many times before, but it just wouldn’t make sense. It’s a huge responsibility, my family can’t really help me with it and I don’t know where my life will head in the next few years, so I can’t make myself dependent on a dog. I need to find one to occasionally borrow.

I spent a weekend with my bff and it was lovely, as usual. We just chilled, watched movies and ate lots of junk food food. Exactly my kind of weekend. Me and some friends threw one of our girls a surprise baby shower and I loved seeing her so happy. The baby is due in three weeks and I’m very excited to meet the little girl. There were also some extra holidays, so an occasional chill day was a must. I managed to visit my grandparents, watched a lot of movies and TV shows and made great memories with my friends. So overall, I would say it was a pretty good month and I hope that summer has more fun in store for me.

Let your skin be kissed by the sun, dance through the rain, spread a little kindness everyday, eat ice cream and enjoy it, instead of counting calories, pick your favorite songs for the summer and listen to them non-stop, flirt, cruise around with your windows down, eat lots of watermelon, let the little things in life make you happy, walk around barefoot, take lots of selfies and just have a great summer.

Tons of love,


Lovely life
having a few days off summer the game UNO fun parties ice cream holiday’s House of Cards season 5 having grandma’s dog around when grandma gives you money the Disney Emoji game OITNB season 5 90s open air baby shower when your favorite contestant in a show wins finally meeting the GNTM girls chocolate pizza grocery shopping spending time with my bff when people love your work We finally know who AD is Spencer Hastings gay marriage will finally be established in Germany Pad Thai Little Mix sunshine having great co-workers positive feedback rain after a really hot day memes

Songs I love
Little Mix feat. Stormzy – Power
Miley Cyrus – Malibu
Jonas Blue feat. William Singe – Mama

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