Golden Days and Clear Sky Nights

Yesterday was one of these days, where I realized how happy the little things in life make me and how much I adore my friends. It was just one, where a few years from now, we’ll talk about like “Remember when…”. It was one, where the weather brought so much happiness to everyone, that I really just feel like writing about it. This post isn’t planned, I didn’t make any notes and I’m just going to write a little bit about my feelings.

I organized a baby shower for the mother of my future godson. She absolutely loves the outdoors, so I chose a location in the middle of nature. Most villages around here have some sort of hut somewhere in the woods and the one closest to where I live is just perfect. It’s far off from civilization, super idyllic and everyone pretty much instantly fell in love.

Golden October

The sun was on our faces all day, we were able to sit outside and just chat away. We had kids and dogs running around and it was just all pure bliss. I felt a bit like being a child again, where you’re just outside all day, exploring places with your friends and only coming home when the sun is going down. Only now, I’m allowed to stay out, as long as I want.

Some of us sat underneath the stars until late into the night, watched the sun set and enjoyed every second of it. We even thought about booking the place for next summer and bring tents, gather around the fireplace, roast marshmallows or make something we call bread on a stick. Just the thought of it makes me smile and it would be so amazing, if we actually managed to do that. Who knows with everyone popping kids left and right, but for now, I’ll just hold on to the idea.

October Nights

It was just one of these golden October days that couldn’t have been more perfect. Light shining through the trees. A beautiful clear sky night with all the stars twinkling. I wish, I could’ve just put it all in a jar and take it with me, but the pictures in my head will just have to do and I know they’ll stay forever.

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