I’m Fructose Intolerant – What The Hell?

For many years now, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my stomach and bowel. Yeah, that may be a little too much information, but whatever. I’ve been trying for a really long time to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. So I’ve had different endoscopy procedures without proper results, blood tests and all that fun stuff. Then my doctor wanted to find out if I’m intolerant to something and even though, I though it might be lactose, I actually reacted to fructose. The one thing I had already eliminated in my head.

So what does that mean? I don’t even really know. I’m still trying to figure all of it out. Fructose is basically sugar that comes from fruit and some vegetables. So fruit, juice, honey etc. are pretty much off limits. The main problem is that the normal sugar, which is in almost everything on this planet, contains fruit sugar, as well. Once I found all this out, I just felt like crying, because honestly, the sweeter the better.


Gladly, I have a bestie, who is highly interested in everything concerning nutrition and she helps me a lot with this. She informs herself, sends me helpful links, gave me my first jar of fructose free jam and is generally so helpful. That makes it a lot easier, to have someone you can talk to and who understands.

So now, I have a lot of books, lists and I’m just trying to figure it all out. The right way to go would be to fully leave out sugar for a while and then slowly test the amount I can actually eat and not feel bad. Well, I don’t really have the patience and would certainly starve, cause that doesn’t leave much food. But I do try to keep it out of my diet, as much as possible.

Gladly, I only drink water all the time, anyway, so fluids are the least of my problems. Some fruit contain an acceptable amount, so I stick to them. I bought fructose free gummy bears and even chocolate, so there are definitely alternatives. Also special ketchup, mayo, nutella and more. Unfortunately, it’s all pretty expensive. But comparing the special jam to the regular ones actually made me realize that this is not such a bad thing. It’s pretty disgusting too find out how much sugar is in everything, now that I check every label. And the jam tastes perfectly fine. It just has like 40 grams less. (I would love to give you a percentage, but I suck at math.) It will also not be the worst thing for losing weight. But I admit, there are things I do miss, but really try to avoid.


I still eat things, that are not on the list of what I should eat, but it’s ok, if I don’t have to go anywhere or I just eat a little. I also have pills you can take in advance to help out. Apparently, also corn sugar, which is glucose and good for me, helps. I know this all sounds a bit confusing, but it gets better.

In case anyone is fructose intolerant as well, it would be really nice to get in contact. I don’t know anyone with this. And it’s not really popular like lactose or gluten. People would probably just roll their eyes, if I told them, cause I could be trying to start a new trend. Which, let’s be honest, a lot of people actually do, who are not allergic.

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