Things I Miss About School

Never in a million years would I have thought that there was anything I miss about school. I’ve went to a total of four and even though there were great things, I also have bad memories connected to each one of them. I never really fitted in anywhere, which can be hard. Still, I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of my fourteen years of school, although, I did focus most on the last school I went to, in order to finish my A-levels. I graduated ten years ago, which is insane, but have no problems remembering everything.

Mx first day of school

All the vacation time. Summer, winter, Easter, Christmas – it was amazing.
Seeing my friends every day.
My parents pretty much took care of all the important things in life.
I didn’t really have a care in the world and it was ok.
Classes like music, english, gym (yes, you read that right).
Passing little notes in class.
Lots and lots of public holiday’s and getting the in-between-days off, as well.
School trips. I mean, we once went to Tuscany. So fun.
Lots and lots of parties.
Those moments, when the TV got rolled into the classroom.
I was forced to actually read amazing pieces of literature.
When mom picked me up with a heated car, on a cold winter day.
The future was still all in front of me.
There was always some gossip going around. And trust me, a lot of it was about me.
Bus rides with my best friend.
The school kiosk always had yummy things.
You get away with stupid things.
How you could fix a bad grade by voluntarily giving a presentation that you have a great time preparing, cause you do it with a friend.
My beautifully decorated planners, which were more for memorizing parties than homework.
Singing in school band or choir.
“I have to study/do homework” was always a great excuse to get out of doing chores.
When you were old enough to call in sick, yourself.
Doing absolutely nothing during free periods.
Skipping math cause of a “headache”
When you did really well on an exam.
The weeks leading up to graduation.
Being rewarded by my parents for good work.
Those teachers, who are just super chill.
Crushing on a million guys and gushing about it with my bestie.
Giving everyone nicknames, so you can talk freely.
When someone brought cake.
Mom always packed my lunch.
Actually having the motivation to put together nice outfits and not looking like trash, every day.

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4 Responses to Things I Miss About School

  1. Honey says:

    omg I always wanted those ‚first day of school‘ cones (or whatever that is), but it’s not a thing here…
    and I also agree with every single thing on this list! Definitely all true! Although my favorite subject was always English and most of the time Croatian (thanks horrible teachers for making me not love my own language) 😀
    I miss the old days…
    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


    • Haha, same here. English was the best, but German not as much. Still not as terrible as math or chemistry or something else, I was bad at. I’m really so surprise that I miss something about school, but I wouldn’t mind going back for a week or two now. :) xx


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