Where have all the good men gone?

Today, the last Bachelor episode aired in Germany and we were all like WTF? Seriously, nobody in his right mind can understand the guys decision. He is 36 and has 2 children from previous relationships. One of the remaining ladies was 30, pretty, confident, has a big heart, manages a gym and is just someone that everyone likes. I loved her because she never played any games, she was natural, honest, outgoing, fun and just a really great woman. She was perfect for him. And then, there was the other girl…the one that won. She is 25, model and that’s about all there is to say about her. She played games 24/7 and behaved more like a little girl. She is my age and I feel embarrassed. GROW UP! The best part was his argument: Well, to him it makes more sense not to know somebody inside out, yet. If you ask me, he did not chose by heart, he let another piece of his body decide. They’re probably gonna last 2 weeks and his kids will confuse her with a buddy from school.

Here’s the thing that frustrates me. This was just another example of guys not being able to handle confident, full-blooded women. Instead, they choose girls that play games, adore them 24/7 and act more like a teenager than a full-grown woman. Is that really what you want, guys? I mean, that guy already has 2 children, does he really need another one? And he seriously described her as confident. All she ever did was stare toward the floor. Yeah, that’s the textbook definition of confident…NOT!

I mean, every person should choose whoever he or she wants to choose. It just makes me think: Oh boy, you’re definitely gonna end up alone, forever. I am confident, I have brains and I speak my mind. I will love you with all I have to give but I won’t be your toy, your maid or your show-off. Ooooops, I probably should not spill this publicly. They’re all just gonna run away, even faster. But I’ll rather be alone than be one of those girls, in order to find a guy. And believe me, I’ve lost to those girls and it sucks. But everyone get’s what they deserve, and I deserve better!!!

Never be afraid to be you!

365 tries to make it right!

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