I’m not stalking, I’m just doing research!

Who never waited in her car in front of a guys house, in the middle of the night, is not a girl. Been there, done that! Who’s with me here? We all know these stalking….pardon…research trips. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t trust, sometimes, it’s just because we’re nosy and sometimes, the guy doesn’t even know we exist but before that might happen, we wanna know everything about him. A few days ago, I talked to a friend. Me: “I have a spy glass, wanna borrow it?” Her: “I have my own…it’s in my car…ALWAYS!” :D Yeah, that’s how we are. But some of my funniest trips were those, in the middle of the night, with your best friend next to you, stalking some guy and finding out were he lives, if he is at home, what car he drives… For some reason, we always ended up in a dead end street, no matter if we went looking for my guy or my friends’ guy…always dead end. Which makes it…well, dangerous. :D You have to pass the house at least twice. But until now, we always made it back without getting caught. For some reason, many girls find this thrilling and it is something that just has to be done. And I have never met a girl who is not ready for a drive within a second…even if it is 3 in the morning. It’s just what we do.

Furthermore, thanks to the internet, it is even more easy to find out as much as possible. Google maps leads us directly to the house. And if there is nothing to find, google will find something. Type in the name and see what happens. I mean after all, when you meet someone, you can’t ask and ask and ask…at some point, is seems stupid. A little extra information can’t hurt. And lets be honest, we are too proud to ask for the ex-girlfriend. We’re just gonna find out for ourselves. :)

I once saw a guy and was completely stunned and hated myself for not talking to him. It took me four months to meet him. Well, while talking to him, my head was like: “I know, I know, I know…tell me something the internet hasn’t told me yet!” :D I really had to be careful not to blurt out information I got online. Unfortunately, what the internet still fails to tell you, is what complete douchebags some people are. It would have saved me a lot of time. But all the research was fun, anyway. If he knew what I know about him… :D


1. Keep your own profiles protected. I can’t understand why some people show everything to the public. Not that I’m complaining. ;) But I don’t want every stranger to find out everything about me.

2. Ask some friends for their passwords. They can be useful. :) But don’t use them for anything bad.

3. Make sure to drive around when it’s dark and with a car that is not too bright. When you go by daylight…don’t say I didn’t warn you. But wigs and glasses never hurt.

4. Don’t go alone. It’s so much more fun with your best friend. And you need someone who keeps you from freaking out or doing something stupid.

5. Don’t get caught!!!

So…I’m not a psycho. :D I’m just a girl and sometimes, it’s just what girls do. And I can tell you, trust is a great thing, but sometimes, control is not the worst idea. And sometimes, it’s just fun to do a little research. :) Indeed, it’s so much fun that sometimes, I think about becoming a detective. Seriously, I would be veeery good at it. So in case I don’t make it as a journalist, I’m definitely becoming one.

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