You are never too old for a Disney movie!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a huuuge Disney fan. I can’t think of anything that I loved more, except maybe for Barbie, but Disney really is the best. The first movie I watched was Aladdin, followed by The Lion King, which was also my first English movie. (Btw, two of the best!!!) Now, I’m 27 and looking at my room, I basically live in Disneyland. I have lots of figures, cups, stuffed animals and even bedding, curtains and a little carpet with Disney princesses on it. But even though I collect pretty much everything, I especially collect DVD’s. So far, I have a pretty neat collection and I hope that one day, I have all of them. No matter how bad I feel, there is nothing a Disney movie can’t fix. Sometimes, I stay in bed aaaall day and watch a couple of movies. It’s especially nice during winter or on lazy Sunday’s. Good thing that I have enough to fill a few days with wonderful animation.

I definitely ask myself if there is a person on earth who doesn’t love Disney movies? If there is, that person is nuts. When I think of all those beautiful and unforgettable scenes that make me smile or cry every time, I can’t imagine that there is someone in this world who isn’t touched by it. Then again, there are people who feel like this about movies like Terminator, so I guess there probably are people who are not huge fans of Disney. Anyway, when I think about all the wonderful memories that these works have given me, I think about Lady and Tramp kissing after sharing a dish of spaghetti. I think of Pocahontas rescuing John Smith by throwing herself on him, in order to protect him from being killed by her farther. I smile when I think about Dumbo learning how to fly, after being laughed at because of his big ears and I cry, when I see Mulan being awarded for her bravery. When Cinderella’s glass slipper fits, I want to applaud because I am so happy for her and the death of Bambi’s mother breaks my heart. When Belle learns to love the Beast, I am reminded of how important it is to give people the chance to show who they are on the inside. I celebrate Ariel becoming human and I get furious when Scar let’s his own brother, Mufasa, die. When Tiana opens up her own restaurant, I am proud to see a Disney Princess actually start a working career. I love when Quasimodo gets accepted by society, because it’s an important statement. When Snow White wins Grumpy over, I can’t help myself but grin like an idiot and when Anita and Roger end up with 101 Dalmatians I’m almost shocked by their huge love for animals. When Nemo and his dad are finally reunited, I want to throw a welcome home party. And since we’re probably all obsessed with Frozen, we all cry when the love of sisterhood saves Anna’s life. I could go on and on with this list because there is just so much that I connect with Disney.

When thinking about the movies and those magical scenes, I cannot forget the music that makes these moments even more magical. These tunes stay in my head forever and when I hear them, images immediately pop up. When Belle and the Beast dance to ‘Tale as old as time,’ I see the beautiful yellow dress and how all the characters transform back into human beings. Marry Poppins taught the world a new word and I cannot be friends with someone who isn’t able to pronounce: ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. When Jasmine discovers ‘A whole new world,’ I wish that someone would show up at my door and take me on a magic carpet ride and when Ariel wants to be a ‘Part of your world,’ I hope for it to happen but honestly, I would rather be a mermaid and live under the sea. And when it comes to Disney music does anyone not love Elton John singing ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ and ‘The circle of life’?! The Lion King soundtrack was one of the first CD’s I stole from my parents. The first CD I bought myself was actually the soundtrack of Pocahontas and I think, it’s one of the movies with the best music. Of course, I must also acknowledge ‘Let it go,’ since it’s probably the biggest Disney song of today’s Disney-era. For the most part, I’m more old-school though when it comes to these animated masterpieces.

All these wonderful characters, sounds, stories and songs have made me smile so many times throughout my life and I wouldn’t want to miss them for anything in the world. Not everyone is a fanatic like me, but I’m pretty sure that most people like to watch a Disney movie once in a while. When I’m at the movies, I’m usually not the only grown-up sitting in front of the screen. At the end of the day, I will always be a huuuge fan and I don’t care if anyone thinks Disney is for children. We should all not take ourselves too seriously and a little childlike fun never hurt anybody. Chose a movie and enjoy.

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