Being a Pla$tic

A few years ago, actually 10 years ago, (OMG, I’m getting old) I was a Pla$tic. I didn’t give myself this title but after the movie ‘Mean Girls’ came out, me and my friends were not able to escape this name. Well, we didn’t really try to fight it and instead, we lived up to it. Boy, am I glad that I’m over that phase in my life. :D But I do have to admit that it was a wonderful time. We weren’t the most loved people at school – thinking about it, I never was at any school, no matter how old I was – but we did not give a damn about it. We were awesome and simply just not like everyone else. Honestly, I never was and fitting in might be easier but it’s just so lame. I prefer being true to myself instead of playing a role.

But what made us Pla$tics? (and therefore, for some people bad!) A plastic loves parties, boys, shopping, make-up and everything girly. The most important things in life, right?! ;) A group of girls that were always a little over the top and who were always a little different. And yes, we gossiped a lot…about you and you and YOU! (Burn Book included) What I still don’t understand though is why all this made us bad people, but I guess that box-thinking is just a part of our society. When your different, you’re not accepted. I laugh at people like that! Really a very grown up way of thinking…lets see how far that is gonna bring you in life. The worst part about it is the fact that these people haven’t changed a bit. While I grew up, they are still on the same level. They still judge me for no reason and nowadays, I’m really far away from my 16-year-old-self. It’s not like I ever did anything bad that people could still hold against me. I guess they just need something to fill out their boring life. I feel sorry for you but go ahead, if it makes you feel better about yourself. But nobody that means nothing to me can ever rain on my parade.

Anyway, since I never cared about what others think or say, I was the picture-perfect Pla$tic. I was queen b that didn’t take shit from anyone. (I still don’t!!!) Platinum blond hair, too much make-up, short skirts, high heels and everything was pink and full of glitter. I was the most hated person in school and I loved it. Being normal is boring – I can’t say it often enough.

Today, I honestly ask myself why the hell I had so much time to look like that. Hair and make-up was always perfect and outfits were completely planned. Today, I need 20 minutes (without showering) to leave the house and still don’t look like trash. ;) As a Pla$tic, I would have never made it in that time. And I would have never left the house without being completely styled – not in a million years! I remember cancelling a date because my toenails weren’t done and it was too hot to wear sneakers. (Ok, you can hate me for that!) :D I have to admit, I still don’t like to leave the house without make-up but it’s ok for me to take out the trash or drive to the supermarket without wearing it. Boy, did I come a looong way. ;)

I’m glad that I’m not a Pla$tic type of girl anymore, but I would never want to miss that time in my life. We had a blast and life was really just fun and games. But at some point, I decided to grow up…at least a little. :) I ditched the parties, the tons of make-up and boys. Well, not entirely but the past years, I did pretty good without one. I did keep my self-confidence, though. I could share it with ten other people and still have enough for myself. My mom is very thankful for that because believe me when I say that mobbing is a very cruel thing and not many people are strong enough to just not care about it. But you just have to decide if you want to let some idiot ruin your life or if you are able to accept yourself the way you are and just not give them a chance to bring you down. I know it’s hard and there is probably nothing I haven’t heard about myself, but who cares. YOU are important and that is the only thing that matters. I’d rather be alone than pretend to be anyone I am not.

The funny thing is, many of those haters are now the ones that have platinum blond hair, plastic nails and party all the time. Grow up, people! ;)

If you’re not quite there yet and you still loooove to be a Queen B, stick to what is written below.

Rules for being a Pla$tic:

  1. Never care about what other people say!
  2. Always act like you own the place.
  3. Never be scared to be a little over the top.
  4. Be true to yourself.
  5. Your priorities: parties, boys, fashion, styling, friends

And just so YOU know:

PS: Not everything about being a Pla$tic is bad!

PPS: There will always be a little bit of Pla$tic in me!

PPPS: I even wrote a little book about being a Pla$tic, when I was 16/17. That’s how obsessed I was! :D


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