“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”

It’s October 3rd which only leaves me to say one thing: HAPPY MEAN GIRLS DAY!!! And this year, it’s on a Wednesday. Could this be any more perfect? Because what is a super important Pla$tic rule? “On Wednesdays we were pink!!!” Man, my pop culture heart is beating really fast. And I am perfectly dressed in bright pink Barbie pajamas. I still have a bit of Pla$tic in me, after all. So I thought this day was perfect for telling you all about my obsession with the color pink.

Mean Girls

I wasn’t raised in a household, where the girl automatically gets everything in pink. As a child, everything was mixed. I did adore Barbie though and girly toys and dresses were my thing. So it wasn’t a surprise when I developed an enormous love for the color pink. It started when I was a teenager. My idols were Barbie, Paris Hilton, Cher Horowitz and of course the Pa$tics and trust me when I tell you that these icons had an immense impact on me. Starting with becoming a platinum blonde and from there, it all got worse.

When my family and I moved into the house we still live in, I had everything in blue. Walls, curtains, sheets etc. I mixed in some red and black at some point, but after a while, I was over it. I remember wishing that I could make my room all pink and a day later our basement got flooded, which included my room. It was horrible but also an opportunity for me to build my personal Barbie dream house. And that’s when it all started to get out of hand. I was about 14/15 at the time.

When I was 16, I watched an episode of the MTV show “Made”, where an extreme girly girl, who wanted to become a skater chick, had everything in pink and that was exactly what I wanted. Me and a friend talked about it and literally took my whole room apart. We sorted out almost everything that wasn’t pink, painted some walls bright pink and really created my own personal crazytown sanctuary. My room looked more like a museum than anything else. In the beginning, I had my purses up on the walls, lots of posters of Paris Hilton, which I eventually exchanged for large pictures of myself. (I mean, Paris has her whole mansion covered in self-portraits.) And it just always changed here and there, like from Hello Kitty to Disney. My obsession was so popular among people that even my brother’s friends knocked on the door and asked to have a look around.

Hard to believe, but I feel like this was actually not the most extreme look.

No comment!!!

But it didn’t stop there. Everything had to be pink. The majority of my clothes, my nails, my purses, school supplies, my backpack and everything else you need. No matter what I found in pink, it had to be bought. And not to forget my first car, which was black but with a pink Hello Kitty interior and pink stars and kitties on the outside. Can you imagine the craziness? I still feel like I should’ve charged admission for walking through my room and getting a ride in my car.

And with all the pink and everything I loved in life, I was just the biggest girly girl our school had ever seen. Pretty much a unicorn. Unfortunately, they weren’t as popular back then, as they are today. But I never changed myself for anybody but myself.

Who the hell wears a tiara like that?! Those eyebrows though. :D

Throughout the years, I grew up a little and my obsession with pink has gotten less extreme. You still see a bit of the former craziness in my room, but it’s a little more mature. (Except for all the stuffed Disney animals. And some other things that make me look more like 10 than 30.) Aside from black, white and gray, pink still is my go-to color, but I don’t run around like Barbie, anymore. People who haven’t known me for so long can hardly believe that I was once pretty much the definition of a Pla$tic. It’s truly not me, at all. But the love for pink will always remain – just in a less excessive way.

However, don’t even think about getting me something in orange. Because as the iconic Elle Woods once said: “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed!”

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