Photography: Seattle

Exactly three years ago, I touched down in Seattle, Washington, and I have nothing but great memories. It was the fourth day of a fabulous travel month through the US and I really think it’s a great city with a lot to offer. Unfortunately, my travel buddy and I only had one full day to explore, but we did as much as we could and today, I would love to share some pictures that I took.

Seattle Skyline

We did really fun things like visit the beautiful Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is a museum with incredible art, mainly made of glass. It is located next to the Space Needle, but we didn’t have time to actually go up. It’s still a great sight to see, though. And I remember eating amazing hot dogs from a street vendor in the park, where these attractions are located. If I ever make it there again, I definitely want to stop by at the Museum of Pop Culture, which is in that space, as well. I’m sure it’s amazing and it looked pretty cool from the outside.

Of course, we also paid a visit to the crazy disgusting but impressive gum wall, where we made our mark, and went to the markets by the waterfront. Down at the Piers, we took a ride on the ferris wheel and of course the merry-go-round, cause I will forever be obsessed with them. A cruise was also a must and we sure enjoyed the beautiful sunset and of course the skyline. I had also planned to go to the Columbia Tower Sky View Observatory, but I got the time mixed up or something and it wasn’t open, anymore. It’s on my list for next time.

Seattle Hot Dog

The great thing about Seattle is that you can do a lot by foot, but public transportation is also no problem. Since we only had a day, we tried to visit as many smaller places, as possible. You just have to plan your route a bit. We said hello to Mr. Grey at the Escala hotel, stopped by at the Hard Rock Cafe and peeked into the first ever Starbucks. A little trip by Monorail was also something I hadn’t done before and I didn’t know it back then, but we came across this weird Giant statue, which was actually in “10 Things I Hate About You”. I only realized a few months ago.

So when you see Seattle in movies or on TV, cause it’s actually a very popular setting, believe what you see. It’s really great and I’m still a bit sad we didn’t get to spend more time. It sure is on my list of places to re-visit.

In case you want to read my little series “Rain, Fast Food and a Broken Suitcase” about the travel month, you find it here.

Chihuly Gardens SeattleSpace Needle Seattle

Chihuly Gardens Seattle

Public Market Seattle

Ferris Wheel SeattleSeattle SunsetCarousel SeattleSeattle WaterfrontSeattle Giant

Escala SeattleSeattle Tram

Skyline SeattleHard Rock Cafe SeattleFerris Wheel SeattleCarousel SeattlePublic MArket SeattleChihuly Gardens Seattle

Chihuly Gardens Seattle

Seattle CityGum Wall Seattle

Ferris Wheel SeattleSeattleChihuly Gardens SeattleSeattle

Gum Wall SeattleChihuly Gardens SeattleChihuly Gardens SeattleSpace Needle SeattleStarbuck SeattleHard Rock Cafe SeattleGum Wall Seattle

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