It’s Blogtober – Am I Really Doing This?

Oh boy, am I really doing this? It is officially October, which, in the blogosphere, is also known as Blogtober. Basically, it means that you have a new post out every day throughout the month. I was told that it doesn’t all have to be mainly about fall or whatever else is connected to the month, so I really thought I’d give it a go. This is pretty much only the introduction so you won’t be wondering if someone with a lot of motivation hacked my account.

I planned on having more posts prepared by now, since I took some time off from work and all, but something always seemed to get in the way of writing, which is super frustrating. However, I really want to do this because I was always interested in finding out what happens to my blog, if I post on a daily basis. I mean, something will change, right? So I will give it a go and failing will just not be an option. I have a list with ideas and until I go back to work on Thursday, I will try to get as much written as possible. I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger for most of the year, so I can just get my act together for a month.

I really hope that this works out and that my readers will enjoy all the posts that are at least already present in my head. Man, I really need to turn my writing mojo on for this. Keep an eye on this space and some love would obviously be very much appreciated. And to all my fellow bloggers who are attempting the same: May the force be with you.

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6 Responses to It’s Blogtober – Am I Really Doing This?

  1. Good luck, girl! You got this!


  2. Honey says:

    I applaud you for doing this! I don’t think I would be able to do this for the whole month… I wrote 3 posts a week last December like for Blogmas and it was so time consuming and stressful at time…
    I hope you succeed :) you’re on the right way :)


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