50 Thoughts On “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Obviously, if you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now, because I will probably spoil it all for you. If you have, welcome to my thoughts on the beautiful movie that is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”. I was probably a week late to the hype, cause I didn’t have the time to really focus on it, but when I finally did, I absolutely fell in love with the story, the characters and Peter Kavinsky. But more of that later. I usually don’t often watch movies again, except for my favorites and this became one of them, pretty quickly. So I decided to watch it again and take notes of my thoughts and feelings and I will share them with you. I’ll leave them chronologically and I won’t organize them in groups or something. It’s pretty much my line of thought throughout watching the movie.

To all the boys I've loved before

01. Is this a Disney movie? The opening music sure sounds like it.
02. Lara Jean is sooo pretty.
03. How cool does her room look?! I’d love a wall covered in cherry blossoms.
04. Josh isn’t even that cute, but that’s just my opinion.
05. I still love this idea of growing up in the same place, with your friends basically living next door and just having this special connection.
06. Writing down your feelings just helps so much.
07. I do feel a little bad for her never expressing her feelings to the people around her, though. But yeah, admitting you have a crush on someone is super scary. We’ve all been there.
08. I can relate to her messy room 100%.
09. Having an older sister is an idea I’ve always loved, but I will be forever stuck with a little brother.
10. Everytime I see airports in real-life or in a movie, I get jealous cause I love them and I also could use a trip.
11. Her color combo of turquoise and pink in her room is really beautiful.
12. My dream will forever be to live in an American teenie movie.

to all the boys I've loved before
13. OH MY PETER! ♥
14. He doesn’t seem to be into Jen, at all.
15. I’m surprised they’re allowed to eat in the library.
16. Can Peter walk by behind my car, please?
17. Well, the Covey sisters watch Golden Girls, so you must love them.
18. Hey Kitty, stop “shaming” your sister for staying home on a Saturday. That’s perfectly ok.
19. Why the hell would she put the address on each of the letters?
20. It’s hilarious that she faints.
21. It’s so cute how Peter doesn’t try to make her feel even more embarrassed.
22. As a matter of fact, all the guys reacted pretty cool. Like that would actually happen in real-life. Never. Those letters would be all over social media.
23. How can she not figure out that her sister took the letter box?
24. OMG, how she rolls off the roof…
25. I love how a pretty popular guy has no problem with her not being popular.
26. His idea of writing notes was so cute, at least for the moment, since in the beginning, they should only make Jen jealous.

to all the boys I've loved before
27. Did anyone know that Yakult was Korean?
28. I love the dad!
29. “So, what’s your background?” “Girl, come on. You know I already got it!” ♥
30. “H on V, H on C…” What the hell does this mean??? I feel old.
31. They are the cutest fake couple ever.
32. I hate that he lets Jen take the scrunchie away.
33. Lara definitely has a million times better style than Jen.
34. Their “no secrets” deal is sweet to see, cause they open up so much to each other.
35. He’s talking about Jen all the time, but gets offended when she reminds him that things are only pretend. Ummm hello?!
36. Lara and Peter can talk about serious things, which is so nice and important.
37. “You don’t even post about us on Instagram!” Welcome to relationships in the 21st century.
38. She wears 90s chokers. She’s my girl.
39. Oh when she rejects the seat next to him…
40. People who always carry a book are cool.

to all the boys I've loved before
41. Why didn’t she bring a bikini?
42. “There is no one like you, Covey.” *swoon*
43. Yeah right, like that night gown dried in like two seconds.
44. OMG, I would’ve ripped that scrunchie out of her hand.
45. I love over the top Christmas decorations.
46. I can sooo relate to her fear of losing people.
47. Aren’t his notes just the absolute cutest?
48. OMG, how she overcomes her fear of driving, just to tell Peter how she feels. So romantic.
49. Man, I wanna have to stand on my tippy toes and kiss someone, too.
50. I need to read the book like NOW!

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4 Responses to 50 Thoughts On “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

  1. Wonderful post! I absolutely loved this film and it’s 100% not my kinda film either 😂 Peter was just… so dreamy. So so dreamy. I loved her dynamic with her sisters – being an only child I really enjoyed watching that but it made me a bit sad that I’ve never had that with siblings. I really wanna watch it again, great post! 🙂 xxx


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. :)
      Well, I have a brother but the relationship is nothing like in the movies. :D Their sisterly bond sure looks nice. So far, I’ve watched it twice, but I have a feeling the third time will follow soon. ;)

      Liked by 1 person

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