Mom, I love you!

You are my strength when I am weak
You are my voice when I can’t speak
You always help me up when I fall
You watch your phone all the time so I can call
You believe in me no matter what
You would always give me a second shot
You are my best friend
You will be there until the end
You love me no matter what I do
You always think about me first, then comes you
You always stand up for me
You are my eyes when I can’t see
You guide my way through good and bad
You dry me tears when I am sad
You are the one person I never want to miss
You deserve the biggest kiss

Happy Mother’s day to all the superhero-moms out there. You are incredible and we would be so helpless without you. You are doctor’s, teachers, cooks etc. all in one person. You rock our worlds and everyday should be Mother’s day. Why? Because you deserve it! Mom’s are the strongest people on earth and I am proud to be the daughter of one of them.

PS: You can all say what you want but I have the best mommy in the world! :)

Heart in a tree

365 tries to make it right!

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