Photography: Bird and Monkey Park

Last summer, I visited a bird and monkey park with my Grandma. I used to go there a lot when I was a child and I wanted to see how it looks, today. Pretty much the same. They still have the same old attractions I used to have so much fun with, as a child. We had a great day and my Grandma was really happy. They still have mostly birds, an outdoor enclosure for monkeys and some other cute animals. You can also feed many of them, which I, of course, did.

BirdbirdBirdBirdBirdBirdBirdOwlMeerkatsGoatRoosterPeacockDuck and Turtle PalsBirdOstrichMonkeyDoveBirds

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2 Responses to Photography: Bird and Monkey Park

  1. Paps says:

    Pretty pictures.


  2. Thank you
    Photos sweet


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