Taylor Swift stole my life!

I’m just kidding. Although, when I listen to her songs, most of the time I think: “Is she spying on me?“ Many of her lyrics, I could have written from my own experience, as well. I guess that’s what makes her so majorly successful. People can relate. I have to admit, mostly, I can relate to the heartbreak songs. So many of her words just touch my heart, because I feel the exact same way. It makes me realize that I’m not the only person to experience these things. And like me, she’s a twenty something girl, who is looking for love but just doesn’t have the best taste in men. She knew he was trouble when he walked in, and so did I…always!

What I did was go through all her lyrics and I chose my favorite parts. (6 computer typed pages) Lyrics were always very important to me. I want to completely understand a song and therefore, feel it much more. My mom always said: “It’s surprising how many lyrics you can memorize, but when it comes to school, you seem to have difficulties learning things by heart.” All of the lines I collected from Taylor inspired me to write something about them, because I experienced similar things which made me feel the same way as she did. I found so many parallels to my own life and I bet, many girls do. Taylor Swift, I love you and you are gorgeous and we just have to wait a little longer than others to find real love.

PS: People, stop hating on her for dating a couple of guys. She is old enough, let her live!!!

I don’t know what I want, so don’t ask me
Cause I’m still trying to figure it out
Don’t know what’s down this road, I’m just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down
Even though I’m not the only one
Who feels the way I do

I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know
I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong, oh but life goes on
Oh, I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

  • A place in this world

This is me, pretty much every day. I mean, I’m not completely miserable 24/7, I’m just a little bored with my life. Can’t wait for something new to happen. I really thought that 2013 would bring the good things, but boy was I wrong. Therefore, 2014 just has to be better but I’m pretty sure it will. I’ve got plans and I hope they will all work out. Anyway, I think every person needs his time to find his place in the world. A place he is happy in. It can be the search for a job, for love, for a goal you want to reach; it just all takes time and we have to be patient and hope for the best, no matter how many times it all goes so terribly wrong. We feel alone but really, we’re not. We just all have these moments. And life does go on, no matter what happens to us and it is our decision either to get back up and try again or to continue to miserable, which will bring us nowhere.

I took a chance, I took a shot 
And you might think I’m bulletproof, but I’m not 
You took a swing, I took it hard 
And down here from the ground I see who you are 

  • Tell me why

Unfortunately, it often takes a downfall to see the real face of a person. I experienced it several times and it definitely doesn’t feel good. But what is most important is that you get back up. It is okay to be angry and sad. It’s okay to mourn and at some point, you’ll feel better. Forgetting is what is more difficult. These experiences affect the way you interact with new people you meet. And with every new person in your life, you risk to fall down again. You can never look behind someone’s facade but I guess, you just have to try to trust.

Your little hand’s wrapped around my finger
And it’s so quiet in the world tonight
Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming
So I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light
To you everything’s funny, you got nothing to regret
I’d give all I have, honey
If you could stay like that

  • Never Grow Up

This reminds me of my little boy. It’s incredible how fast children go up. He will turn 3 in December. If I could, I would definitely let him be a child. Growing up is really not as much fun as you think. All these responsibilities, all these important decisions… I really miss being a child. Just playing everyday with not much to worry about. The grown up world is just too serious and difficult. I have to admit though, that I’m curious about what will become of my god child. How will he be in school, what will he be like and do as a teenager and so on. The development is so interesting and so important and I really hope that I have an impact on him.

Once upon a time a few mistakes ago
I was in your sights, you got me alone
You found me, you found me, you found me
I guess you didn’t care, and I guess I liked that
And when I fell hard you took a step back
Without me, without me, without me

And he’s long gone when he’s next to me
And I realize the blame is on me

‘Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
‘Til you put me down, oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground

  • I knew you were trouble

This is my absolute favorite song and I always sing it from the top of my lungs and even laugh about myself for often being sooo stupid. I always fall for the guys who are trouble. I just can’t help myself. I guess, I belong to the girls that need complicated. Easy is just not for me. I do hope though that one day, I fall for a good guy. Like Penny from the Big Bang Theory. She dates one douche after another and then ends up with cute little Leonard, who loves her from the bottom of his heart. I just didn’t reach that point, yet. You know, it’s not like I’m completely stupid, but girls in love just see things, differently. When I see my friends dating guys that suck, I try my hardest to make them realize it. Does it ever really work? No. And even though, I’m full of good advice for others, I lose myself when it comes to me. I get swepped away by superficial things and try to believe in the good of every person. I know it’s stupid but that’s what girls in love are. Stupid! So of course, I knew most of the time that the guys were trouble, and I know that I have to be blamed for trusting them, anyway. I always swear to behave differently the next time. Either he knows what he wants of not. I don’t want to be played again. Let’s see how that will work out.

I bet this time of night you’re still up.
I bet you’re tired from a long hard week.
I bet you’re sitting in your chair by the window looking out at the city.
And I bet sometimes you wonder about me.

And I just wanna tell you
It takes everything in me not to call you.
And I wish I could run to you.
And I hope you know that every time I don’t
I almost do.

  • I almost do

Well, I have this friend. Or had. It was his decision and I’m sooo over it. We had this rather complicated friendship for six years or so. I guess, we just missed the point to be honest with each other and from then on, it was all just insane. At some point, he decided to ignore me and now, I’m done. He did it too many times and I will not let anyone treat me like that. Still, I catch myself thinking about him but by now, it doesn’t occur often. The difference between him and me? I might be complicated as well, but I’m not an ass. I don’t hurt the people that mean something to me on purpose. And I did decide to run to him many times, but every time I made up my mind, he ruined it before I could say something and pushed me away. That made me change my mind, every time. Oh well, that’s how it goes. But yes, I do wonder about him sometimes, and about what he thinks about me. And what kind of stupid reason he had/has to behave like this. But, whatever it is, it wouldn’t change my mind. We’ve been though it one too many times. Goodbye!

Will my love come in a bowl of fire?
Will it be filled with hope and desire?
Will my love come in a pouring rain?
Am I ready for the joy, am I ready for the pain
Am I ready for the boy, am I ready for love

It’s a run around the world
And it’s moving so fast
Though I wanna find
A love that’s gonna last
A love so strong
That I can withstand
The weight of the world

  • Am I ready for love

I’m really not sure if I’m ready, but I bet, if it would happen like in this song, it would be wonderful. I like to tell myself though, that I don’t have time for love and that it doesn’t fit into my plans but to be honest, I’m just afraid. And the best love stories happen unexpected after all, right? I’m not necessarily asking for one but I do hope for it to be a firework, worth writing thousands of songs about it.

. . .

I could go on and on and on. Her songs are just wonderful!

Taylor Swift RED

365 tries to make it right!

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