The Perks of Dating Me

I admit, I did think about making a list and posting it, but that is not really what I want to say with this post. This is more of a little push for all you singles out there, including me. I’ve been single for so long, I don’t even know for how many years, exactly. Ok, yeah I do. It just feels hard to admit, from time to time. Of course I meet guys, and with some of them, I really thought I had a chance. And then, it all just went sooo wrong. Unfortunately, it was always my heart that got broken and at some point, it just makes you ask yourself the same question over and over again: WHY?

Why am I alone? Why can’t I find a match? Why do I always end up falling for the wrong guy? Why is it always my heart that breaks? Questions that nobody ever answers. Of course, you talk with people about it and everyone comes up with their own opinion. But do you ever really find out the truth? No, you don’t! Sometimes, you do get answers, but you just know that they’re nothing but false excuses. “I’m not ready for a relationship.” Yeah, that’s why you replaced me with another girl and the two of you are just sooo happy. “She’s too much of a princess for me.” (Believe me, I’ve heard it before!) Funny! I can kick your butt and show you how much of a princess I am. Seriously, I love pink and girly things and that’s about it. Cute, really! I’ve never heard anything more stupid in my life. Nevermind, I did. “I really like her, but the others don’t and when I don’t laugh about her with everyone else, I’m the loser.” Do I really have to comment on that? No, I don’t! Except for, YOU ARE A LOSER! My friends answer my questions with: “You’re too self-confident, intelligent, dominant and they just can’t handle it.” Wow, great! But don’t expect me to change. I will either find a guy who has more balls than I do, or I’ll just stay single.

Anyway, we all have these moments when we just hate to be single. No matter how used we are to being alone and no matter how good we are at being alone, we get to a point, where we just can’t stand it anymore. And then, we hate our life, question ourselves as a person, and feel like we’re all alone in this crazy world. Of course we know that this isn’t true, but still, we’ve all been there, right? Mostly, it happens on these days where nothing goes right and you just want a strong shoulder to lean on. Someone who tells you you’re beautiful, when you feel ugly. Someone who loves you for being you, when others tell you that you suck. Someone who lets you into his home, when you have trouble at your own. Someone who gives you his heart and protects yours. Sounds nice, right?

So, to not go insane because of being without a partner, you should all list for yourself what the perks of dating you, are. Write it down or just do it in your head. In any way, do this for you. Of course, none of us are perfect. We all have our flaws and believe me, I have many. But I’m pretty sure everyone would feel better, if  they knew what a great person they are and what others are missing out on. It will take a little of the frustration you feel, because of being single. Don’t blame yourself, all the time. Don’t think you don’t deserve to be happy. We are all not perfect but we all deserve someone who loves us just because of it.

It doesn’t hurt to love yourself. Only when you’re comfortable with who you are, you’re ready to show others just how great you are. And who doesn’t see that, doesn’t deserve you. I know that it’s not easy, but do whatever it takes to be happy with your life and yourself. And eventually, love will come along. At least that’s what people always tell me. And if at some point you just can’t take it anymore, you still have the list, showing how great you are. Throw it at someone, maybe it works. ;)


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