London Calling!

Sooo, this summer, I totally want to visit London. I remember learning a lot about it in school many years ago, and I’ve always wanted to go there. I never go on vacations because I never have anyone to join me. But I have set my mind on it, and I’m going, alone or not. I did ask my bff though and told her about my plans and that it would be incredibly awesome to spend a few days in London. We’ve known each other for 16 years now and we’ve never been on such a trip before. I mean, we’ve seen many places together but never only the two us. I just thought it would be great to do this, before I (hopefully!!!) head to the States in the fall. I told her that I don’t want to go there for shopping, although London has great fashion, I want to do hardcore sightseeing. I want to see it all and do it all. Madame Tussauds, a ride on the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the thing I want to do most is visit the Harry Potter sets and totally visit the store and buy crap I don’t need. I want to do tea-time and maybe even try fish and chips. I would like to see Notting Hill and feel like Julia Roberts and sooo much more. We already agreed on packing our Nike free’s because we’re gonna do A LOT of walking. Maybe take the Tube and one of those red double-decker busses, once in a while. And while I was telling her, she was throwing in random prices because London is pretty expensive. But you know what? I don’t care! I mean, we both don’t have a lot of money, but I don’t have to stay at the fanciest hotel and eat like 5 huge meals a day. And we’re probably not gonna go partying or shopping. Ok, maybe a little. ;) But I really, really, really just want to see the city and take great pictures. I want to be a typical tourist, trying to make the guards move, hug every wax figure in the museum (and probably dry hump the David Beckham figure) and have some good Earl Grey tea.

I really hope that this will work out and if so, we will have a blast! After pitching the idea to her, I did what I do best: order material to plan this trip because that is what I also do best – plan things. I have travel guides and am still waiting for London themed sticky notes. (DON’T JUDGE ME!) I do have a lot of important things going on right, but as soon as I find time for this, I’m gonna plan it all. And I have to plan it as cheap as possible but I will manage that and I will make my best friend agree to all of it. I will succeed. ;) So if anyone has any tips or suggestions for must-sees, please let me know.

London Travel Guides

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6 Responses to London Calling!

  1. Ducati says:

    Don’t miss the Hard Rock Café. This is where it all started. It is the original. Of course, St. Pauls Cathedral. Btw, I will go for a one day bus (horror) trip this August.

    Cheers, Pa

    -—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—- “Wer etwas erreichen will findet Wege. Wer etwas verhindern will sucht Gründe.” (Albert Schweitzer)



  2. Leticia says:

    Definitely go to Camden Lock! (Apparently you can even take a boat trip from Regent’s Park to Camden for 8GBP, which we’ll try this April)
    Nothing Hill /Portobello Market is definitely worth seeing too, but be prepared for it to be extremely crowded. Both Camden and Nothing Hill are perfect for cheap shopping tho :)

    And if you want to relax a bit, go to Covent Garden and just enjoy the street musicians/comedians etc!

    Selfridge’s is also worth a visit and Lola’s (???) in there sells amazing and cute (and affordable!) little cupcakes.

    Liberty London in Regent Street is an absolutely stunning design and fashion store (and definitely unaffordable) but the architecture and everything is just so beautiful <3

    And I think you'd enjoy a visit to the Disney Store (unfortunately, all the princesses' dresses only come in kid's sizes :( )

    As you can see, London is great for window shopping :D

    You might also want to check out the Walking Tours:

    (and now i'm all excited again for my own trip in April :D)


    • Sounds fabulous, thank lovely. :)

      And the Disney Store will DEFINITELY go on the list. It sucks that ever country has it, except for Germany. And about the costumes, that’s ok. I’m satisfied with my Belle costume. ;) They have A LOT of other things to buy. :D


  3. Olga says:

    The British Museum. There’s a lot of stunning stuff to see (admission free!). And don’t forget to visit Baker Street :)


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