You and Me

I wrote this for my best friend and I gave it to her for her birthday. We’ve met 16 years ago and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I’m pretty sure that after surviving this long time, nothing will ever change the relationship we have. And although words cannot really describe what she means to me, I tried. :)


In life there is one thing you really need
A true friend who’s always there, indeed
You need a soulmate by your side
With open doors were you can hide

In September ninety-nighty-eight
We met in class and I believe it was fate
We were kids only ten years old
Now there’s a long story that can be told

Sixteen years of ups and downs
Sometimes serious, sometimes like clowns
All our firsts we experienced together
I cherish each moment now and forever

Relationships and heartbreaks, laughter and tears
We’ve been through it all during these years
From Dionne and Cher to Pinky and the Brain
Our titles often changed but we always stayed the same

We never cared what others thought
Be unique is what we taught
From punks to plastics, we tried it all
Never afraid that we could fall

Remember those parties where we danced the night away
We never went home before the break of day
Everything was just fun and games
When did our youth go up in flames

We’re getting older every year
But it’s nothing we have to fear
Because we’re doing it together
Sharing something with you always makes it better

We will forever be young, wild and free at heart
Nothing will ever tear us apart
You and me like Bonnie and Clyde
Against the world on a roller-coaster ride

We couldn’t be more different and still so the same
We were always the coolest and the others so lame
We share our clothes and share our bed
You were the first real friend I ever had

You’ve been my companion ’til this very day
And our story will continue until we’re old and gray
You’re my heart, my soul and my partner in crime
When I’m with you it’s always like summertime

Even when you’re miles away
I have you in my heart everyday
You’re my sister, my family, my best friend
We’ll be together until the very end

I love you, just so you know
I will never let our friendship go
Always us – you and me
Best friends for eternity

About haileyjaderyan

⋅ 34 ⋅ a rollercoaster ride ⋅ undateable ⋅ dreamer ⋅ explorer ⋅ disney obsessed ⋅ ♥
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