Photography: London – and a little something more about my trip

Finally, I got to spend 4 days in London and I enjoyed every second of it. The city is absolutely fantastic and if I can’t find a job in US, London would definitely be an option. I’m a city girl and I loved it. All these different people and cultures are very fascinating and I found them all very friendly. Furthermore, I traveled with my best friend in the whole wide world and we had such a blast. We laughed 24/7. I have to say that I am glad we’ve been friends for 16 years, because I am pretty difficult when it comes to traveling. I always have problems packing (only hand luggage should be forbidden), I always have a ton of stuff with me that makes my life so much more complicated, people constantly have to hold my things like jacket, camera, wallet, I always want to go to stores that nobody but me is interested in, I spend too much money, and a lot more. I asked my bff to please not end this friendship when we get back home, but she just laughed and told me that after all these years, she knows me good enough to be familiar with all of it. It felt so good to do this with her before I leave and it brought us even closer, if that is even possible.


We really tried to do as much as possible and I am pretty sure that some people will ask me “Why didn’t you do this or that?” Because it’s simply not possible and we tried hard. I guess we did most of the general things you can do in London like visit Buckingham Palace, take a ride on the London Eye and get some funny shots at Madame Tussauds. My personal highlight was getting photographed at Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station, because I love Harry Potter and that was the reason I came up with this London idea, after all. We didn’t do a lot of shopping because it is very expensive and I was so afraid to buy too much, because we only had hand luggage. Turns out, I could have bought so much more in terms of weight but I spent enough money. Of course I had to visit the Disney store and M&M World because these are stores I love. I love the way they are built and it’s incredible what you find on the inside. A lot of thought is always put into these theme stores and I find it fascinating. My friend is the exact opposite. :D

London Harry Potter

We stayed in a hotel that was a little outside of London but we loved it there. It was very clean, had a nice room, everyone was friendly and the breakfast buffet was yummy. We found a great pizza place just around the corner where we always picked up our dinner and the railroad station was just a few steps away. We also bought a lot of great snacks from Marks&Spencer and this store alone is a reason for me to go back to London. It’s pretty healthy and they have sooo many great things to choose from. I wish I had a store like that next door. We got along perfectly with the city and had no problems at all to navigate ourselves through it. We are planning and navigation pros. We should totally organize tours. The weather was typical, I guess. It constantly changed, it felt like winter most of the time (and we were not prepared) and it was a little annoying to change in and out of clothes, all the time. But everything else was just great. And I saw David Beckham 3 times. ;)

A list of things we did/saw:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Change of Guards
  • St. James Park
  • Madame Tussauds
  • London Eye
  • King’s Cross
  • Platform 9 3/4
  • M&M World
  • Disney Store
  • Forever 21
  • Harry Potter Store
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Covent Garden
  • Thames Cruise
  • Tower Bridge
  • Open Bus Tour
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Big Ben
  • Tower of London
  • Poppy planting
  • Marks&Spencer
  • Oxford Street
  • The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk

I really hope that I will come back someday and see more of this awesome city. I was really depressed when we landed back in Germany. I had to talk German again and I drove back home, where it is plain boring. I can’t wait to live in a big city. There is always something to do, you meet so many different people and cultures, nobody cares if you look different or not and you can enjoy great architecture, all the time. If you never been to London, give it a shot. I’m so glad that I finally made it there and it was awesome, awesome, awesome!

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