It’s the Facebook impression that counts, isn’t it?

Who are you?

So here is the thing. I met a guy on the bus and I have to say he was really nice. We talked and laughed a little and before I had to get off, he gave me his card. I thought that was a really good move because I hate when guys ask me for my number or if they can find me on Facebook. I don’t like to hand out my number to strangers and my Facebook page is none of their business. I know, I’m such a hypocrite because the first thing I usually do is google people and stalk them on Facebook. But if they pay attention to what I tell them about myself, they could do the same. Anyway, his first impression was really good and he was tall, dark and handsome. Sounds perfect! I have to say, you can be as dolled up as you want but it’s when you look exhausted after a shopping day and hold an enormous pizza in your hand that you get hit on by a cute guy. So I got home, looked at his card and started googling him. He has a website for his work which was awesome because coincidentally he is a photographer and yes, I like that. The overall picture was great and then I looked at his Facebook page. So here is the thing: put on your profile whatever you want but keep it private to the public. Because in today’s world, it’s not the first impression that counts, it’s the Facebook impression that matters. Judge me all you want but we all do it.

Here is the deal. His first impression was awesome. Good-looking, polite, good sense of humor, interesting. His Facebook impression was more something like a playboy who knows he looks really good and could be a member of the Sons of Anarchy. At least he plays guitar. I know this may sound stupid, but what impression matters? Do we really present our true selves on Facebook or do we play a role? Do we even think about what we put up there or is it just for fun? I know I tend to overthink everything but isn’t there some truth in my way of thinking?

Of course now I double-checked what people can see when they stalk me on Facebook. They can see my two favorite profile pictures, my current job, some Bitstrips and a couple of other pictures that I used as a header. I guess that doesn’t seem so bad but then I go through those pictures and immediately an image is created. You can see that I either live in or just love San Francisco, that I am into Harry Potter and the Backstreet Boys, I might be interested in photography and according to my Bitstrips, I am a princess, love food and think I am powerful. Well, I think it could be worse but even though I have two public blogs, Twitter, a public Facebook page etc. I am careful with what I have on my profile for everyone to see. It is where people look for you and it is the only form of social media that I use with my real name. We have to protect ourselves and as you are reading this, you should all check your profiles. What are you showing to the public? What basis are you giving people to judge you upon? Maybe you use this strategically to create a certain image of yourself, maybe you just don’t care or maybe you just never thought about it.

So again, what impression should I go with? Was my first impression of the guy right? Can I believe it was, with those Facebook details in the back of my mind bothering me? I haven’t made up my mind yet and even though I have nothing to lose, I just don’t trust people. Especially guys. I might interpret all the information I have in a completely wrong way but that is just what happens when you present yourself to the public. Everyone judges, even if we don’t want to. I am not saying that the guy is a bad person. Maybe it is just my problem that he doesn’t seem to be the person I thought or hoped he is. Maybe I should just get a life and stop stalking people on Facebook and give them a real chance to show me who they are. I’ll think about it and so should you. However, the internet let’s us be whoever we want to be and that makes ist scary and dangerous. Be careful with how you present yourself and be careful with trusting others. I know that you never know who people really are until you meet them in person but that can go either way so I don’t think it is bad to be prepared. It’s up to you to decide which impression is more important to you.

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