Goodbye 2014!

The year is coming to an end and it is time to say goodbye. This year, I am not doing it while feeling bad because finally, I had 365 pretty good days. Great things happened and I just had a lot of fun. I experienced more awesome things than many years before combined. I started to allow myself to have some fun again, not to worry about money all the time and to go back to saying yes. I went on fun trips and asked myself why I never did more of it. I finished my studies with an awesome Master’s degree, which I am really proud of, and I moved to San Francisco to work as an au pair.

Laugh Live Love

09.01 Getting my first Filofax
11.01 Throwing a baby shower for my friend
25.01 BVB Stadium
13.02 My Birthday
01.03 Carnival with my bff – being Belle
15.03 Beyoncé live in concert
17.03 Backstreet Boys in concert
20.03 German comedian Carolin Kebekus live
15.04 Handing in my MA thesis
26.04 Matching with my au pair family
28.04 Phantasialand #1
28.05 Surprising grandma with a trip to Sea Life
03.07 Master of Arts
13.07 Germany wins the soccer world cup
13.08 Supercup – BVB Stadium
16.08 London trip with my bff
04.09 Phantasialand #2
08.09 Cologne Zoo
16.09 Lovely trip – Pfalz, Germany
29.09 The beginning of my au pair adventure
09.10 Visiting Pier39 for the first time
26.10 Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
25.11 traveling to Colorado
21.12 traveling home for Christmas

(this list only shows a few of my personal highlights of 2014)

Even though the last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride, and I am currently not quite sure if I made the right decision or what I am going to do with my life, I am ending this year with positive feelings. I have the best family in the world and great friends who support me, no matter what and that is all that really matters. Everything else will fall into place at some point and I am excited to see what life has in store for me. Even though I miss home, I will make the best of 2015 and fill it with great memories. I have a ton of plans and I will continue saying YES. I am still not as active and spontaneous as I would like to be, but that is alright. I can live with that and still have fun. I have travel plans, I have ideas for my future, I have topics for my blog and I will just have to see and find out what is waiting for me.

The last time I went to Pier 39, one of my favorite places in San Francisco, I discovered a fortune teller machine and of course, I had to put in a dollar to see what card I will get. It is surprising how little things like this can help motivate you.

oh how you love to whistle and sing
oh how you love to dance and swing
Your future life with joy will ring
with all the happiness it will bring

You have a very sympathetic nature. You devote a great many hours to the welfare of others. You have a very fine mind, and if you cultivate properly, you will be very successful. You are very fond of sports and love to dance. You have a graceful walk, and a determined step. You always walk, as tho’ you know exactly where you’re going. People respect you for your determination. You will endure some hardship in the near future, but eventually everything will turn out for the best, and unending happiness will be yours.

So always remember the little things that make you happy and believe that great things can happen. I’ve experienced a lot of downfalls in the past but still, I have faith in myself and what I believe in. 2015 just has to bring something good. One thing is for sure, though. I will continue sharing my life with you and I thank you for your support. I love to write and even if only one person reads a post, it is a success. Thank you for following my journey called life. We all have 365 tries to make it right and that is why I love when a new year begins. We can start over and create new adventures. Life is full of them and I encourage all of you to live. Believe me, it worked wonders for me.

All my love to all of you!


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