Love Wins – Another Step Toward Equality

Last Friday, something fabulous happened. US Congress finally voted for marriage equality in America and personally, I couldn’t be happier for all these wonderful people who deserve it so much. I know, so much has been written and said about this topic but I feel that there is still so much that has to be done and it is something that is very close to my heart. I have wonderful gay people in my life and I want them all to be able to live just the way they want to live. Love is something special and it should be celebrated however people want to celebrate it. Just thinking about loving someone so much that you want to spend the rest of your life that person, but the law does not allow you to get married, truly breaks my heart.

I have always had huge problems with injustices and when I witness discrimination of any sort, I am always the first one to speak up. I will fight for you and you don’t even have to be my friend to have me do this. Especially in my teenage years, I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble for speaking my mind and for standing up for myself and others. Many people can’t handle someone speaking the truth or calling them out but I couldn’t care less. If you believe in something, you should not be afraid to fight for it because otherwise, things will never change. If it wasn’t for strong fighters, women would still not be allowed to vote, African-Americans would still be segregated and homosexuals would still not be allowed to get married anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, these are only a few things that have been reached, but there is still so much injustice in this world that we should not forget about. However, every positive step toward a new direction is good and should be celebrated.

Having reached marriage equality all over the US is something very important because it is a very big and powerful country. It is also a country that is incredibly diverse and still has a lot of issues because of it. You can find the most liberated people ever, but you can also find the worst discriminating people you will ever meet. So for Congress to take the next step and to set a sign for homosexual couples is exactly what this country and the world needed, because there are still many countries that have to follow. Unfortunately, the country I was born in hasn’t reached this step, yet. It upsets me because I feel like Germany is a very good country in so many ways and still, there is no marriage equality. So far, 11 European countries have ruled for marriage equality since 2000 and I find it highly frustrating that my country isn’t one of them. Conservatism is still a huge problem all around the world because the result of it is discrimination. This is about benefits, this is about equality, this is simply about love.


The main reason why I am addressing this topic is the fact that even though marriage equality is slowly being officially acknowledged by different countries, it is not celebrated and accepted by everyone. There is still so much discrimination going on, to an extent that makes me incredibly sad. I will never understand how people just think that it is ok to hate on others for being different. Who cares who somebody is in love with? Who cares what skin color someone has? Who cares what religion a person is devoted to? It is something that I cannot get my head around. How full of yourself can you be to think like that? There are so many cold-hearted, cruel and ugly people in this world who think they are so much better than others. I just never understand their justification. My favorite arguments are those taken from the bible. There are passages that people have used to declare black people as bad people. Adam and Eve demonstrate that men and women belong together etc. But oh well, these people also believe in talking snakes and virgins getting pregnant so of course, they are right to judge.

One of the most recent examples is a shop in Tennessee, whose owner put up a sign that states “No Gays allowed.” Wow, and here I thought segregation was over. Instead of putting signs up with “black only” and “white only,” are people going to put up signs with “straight only” and “gay only” up now or what? This is honestly ridiculous. And of course the owner argues with the bible and the US Constitution, which is as usual complete nonsense because we all know that the US has never fully lived up to it’s founding groundwork that this country was build on. ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL! Exept for maybe anyone who is not white, straight, rich, you name it. The bible also tells you to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. But who cares about these important passages, right? There is no justification to discriminate others. Not in the bible, not in the law, not anywhere. It is unjust. It is outdated. It is wrong.

I feel sickened that we have to live in a world where nobody is allowed to be who they want to be. A world, in which nobody is allowed to love who they want to love. Nobody is allowed to believe in what they believe in. And some people were just born with the wrong skin color. If you are a close reader of my blog, you’ve read this before. It is alright to have your opinion because everyone is entitled to have one. However, it is not ok to treat other people badly because of it. You don’t like gay people? You don’t have to be friends with them. You have a problem with Christians, Muslims or any other religion? Nobody asked you to convert. The world would be a much happier place if an equal groundwork would exist for every human being and if people would simply let each other live however they want to live. Don’t try to change others and focus on your own life.

I fully support Gay Pride. I hope that one day, every person will be allowed to love whoever they want to love. Everyone deserves to be happy. I’ve made some bad experiences in my life but still, I believe that love is something beautiful and everyone should feel and express it how they want to. Ask yourself what love means to you and imagine someone wanting to take it away from you. Think about how it would feel not to be able to get married to the person you would die for. People, keep your minds and hearts open or else, you will miss out on so much beauty in this world. Life is too short to worry about what others do or like or think. DO YOU and let others do the same.




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