That Moment When A Beloved TV Show Ends

TV showsAnyone who is a TV-junkie like me knows the feeling I am talking about. You find a new show and start watching it. You invest hours and hours of getting to know everyone and at some point, you just feel like the greatest expert in the world. You get attached. You get emotional. You laugh and cry with every single character because you feel what they feel. As crazy as it sounds, you become one of them.

I know that I don’t live on a TV-show but that doesn’t mean I haven’t wished for it for a million times. When I think of all the productions I’ve watched from start to finish though, I couldn’t even decide in which one I would love to live the most. They were all great, but you live in the moment you watch it and when it comes to the end, it’s just over.

How many final episode weddings, move-aways, deaths and other scenarios did we see? I saw so many, I can’t even count them. I feel like weddings are the most popular way to end a show. It makes you say goodbye on a good note and you’re happy for the characters. But with every final scene, you always hope that sometime, there will be a sequel that will show what everyone has reached in life, if they were successful, if they stayed together, if they ever lived all of their dreams they talked about season after season.

I want to know how Seth and Summer ended up, because let’s be honest, they were our favorite couple. I want to know how Monica and Chandler managed to raise twins and how baby Emma looks as a teenager. I want to know what happened to Jax’s boys, after he was killed. Are Chuck and Blair still together? Did Ally McBeal ever find the one for her? I feel like all these questions will never get answered, although I do have a little hope, since a lot of shows are getting a remake.

To be honest, I think remakes are great. When I hear that one of my favorite shows will continue, I get excited but I’m also aware of the fact that it will never be the same. You already know too much and you hold on to the past. Yes, sure it’s nice to watch Fuller House and see how the girls have grown up. But is it the same? No, it’s not. I catch myself being very critical because the storylines are usually full of plot holes, which only leave more unanswered questions. And in most cases, there is always at least one original cast member missing, which just makes it all different.

A sequel can’t give us back the moment we meet these people for the first time. We don’t feel as a part of the whole show anymore because we’ve outgrown it. Sure, we still watch and love it, but it’s different and when it ends for the second time, it’s definitely not as bad as the first time we had to say goodbye. Man, I sound like a freak who lost track of reality, but my fellow junkies know exactly that this is just how it is. The bonding is real and that’s what makes a show great. If it pulls you in, if it makes you tune in every week, if it makes you feel like the characters are your best friends, then it’s a good show.

PS:  I don’t want Pretty Little Liars to end!

PPS: If you’re looking for me, I’m in my bed binge-watching Orange Is The New Black.

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8 Responses to That Moment When A Beloved TV Show Ends

  1. Holly says:

    You totally hit the nail on the head! It’s the worst when you binge watch an entire series over a few weeks because you get far too attached haha. And i’m mixed emotions about PLL ending – on one hand I want it to keep going because i’ve been watching it for so long but on the other hand it’s starting to go downhill so they probably should just end it. Ahh, but I love PLL! Haha. x


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I feel the same about PLL but I still don’t want it to end. I hate when shows end. :D Let’s just hope there won’t be too many unanswered questions.


  2. I completely agree with every word – I feel this weird sadness when I get to the end of a really good series. I get the same with books! And although I know it would get boring pretty quickly, I’d love to just watch some of our favourite characters enjoying normal life afterwards, watching them enjoy their happy ever after! I feel like this about Suits at the moment, I’m completely addicted!! xx


  3. Eline says:

    Loreley post! I have a weird thing with tv shows, where I obsess over one, but then suddenly stop a few seasons in. I think it’s because I don’t want them to end. This means that I have a lot of series I still need to finish, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, that kind of stuff. I did finish Gilmore Girls recently, which made me so sad that I started rewatching immediately.

    Xx Eline


    • That’s an interesting take on watching TV shows. I could never stop in the middle and just start another. As sad as endings are, I watch shows as fast as possible. Once I’m hooked, there is no turning back. :D And you should definitely continue watching Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, they’re still taping new episodes so it isn’t over yet. Good for you that Gilmore Girls is getting a remake. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great Sunday!


  4. I can completely relate to your post. I thought Dexter was going to be one of those shows where I felt gutted it was over, but the finale was so crap!! It was such a disappointment haha.

    Hannah xx


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