Goodbye March 2016

Happy Spring, everyone. Currently the sun is shining and I hope it stays this way. Although, it usually changes every view hours. This morning I saw snow, so I don’t think spring is fully here, yet. I’m so over this depressing weather, though. It’s usually cold, gray, and disgusting. I want to see flowers and sunshine and be able to go outside without freezing or getting wet and I’m sure that most people agree with me.

Did you have some nice Easter holiday’s? I definitely ate too much food but then again, I kinda always do. I wouldn’t mind eating nothing but chocolate, for the rest of my life. I spent some time with my family and also with my bff, which always means the world to me. Hopefully by the end of next month, I can tell you about a fun trip that the two of us are planning. I have to make this happen because I’m going insane. I need to get out of here and forget my sorrows, for a while.

So far, I have no good news to share with you so I’ll just pass the part where I tell you what is going on in my life. It’s freaking boring and I’ll just not comment any further. However, I do want people to stop asking me annoying questions. Don’t ask me how I feel or if I have any news to share. If you know me and are at least a bit sensitive, you should know that I’m not running around doing cartwheels and that if I had anything positive to report, I would.

I’ll just stay focussed and try to keep myself motivated and at some point, something will change. You have to believe in this or otherwise, you’ll just drown and I really don’t want that. Stay positive is my motto for April.

And before I forget, I am hosting my fist Twitter chat on Sunday, April 3rd. We’ll be talking about The 90s because it’s one of my biggest obsessions. Tune in at 1pm GMT and use the hashtag #LTBloggers. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I hope you will all have a great weekend and in general, a good month, with lots of fun activities. I’ll be on a dinner date tonight with some friends and tomorrow, I have tickets to see a comedy show. Laughing is the best medicine, after all.

XO Hailey 


Lovely life

 watching soccer games at the stadium  I finally have a Netflix account ♥ donating  binge-watching TV shows  mom cooking yummy things for me sending funny voicemails with my girls  having a clean room  on some days, it finally feels a little like spring  vampires  visits to IKEA  cooking with my new wok pan  knowing that there are some guys out there who will always have a soft spot for me facemasks  Harry Potter movie marathon  tons of chocolate  wonderful bff time  the world through children’s eyes  blog comments  lots of new and wonderful Twitter followers  sunshine ♥  new Disney products ice cream tea time

Songs I love

Banks – Beggin for Thread
Christina Perri – Human
♪ Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Christ Brown & Lil Wayne – Only

Interesting articles

99 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind // Three Brothers Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years // In Celebration of Kim Kardashian // 100 Inspirational Travel Quotes to Brighten Your Day // Suffer With This Woman Who Live-Tweeted a Poop Catastrophe She Had on a First Date // The Ultimate A-Z of Round the World Travel // 24 Adorable Disney Tattoos You’re Going to Be Obsessed With (Yeah, I didn’t read a lot, this month.)

My March posts

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