Goodbye February 2016

And there goes another month. I can’t believe how time flies and it’s driving me nuts. February has been a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes I feel awesome and motivated and sometimes, I just feel really depressed, which I hate. I’m still struggling with a lot of things and I just really hope that it will all get better soon.

I’m still looking for a job which is a pretty frustrating process. I thought I was cool with all of it but rejection letters, even only a few, really do bring you down. I know that the world is not waiting for me and it’s going to be a long and hard way, but it still makes me sad, sometimes. And when depression kicks in, it’s not very helpful, as well.

Although I feel like I slept pretty much through all of February, there were at least some highlights. It was my birthday and it definitely cheered me up. In general, I created more memories with my lovely friends and these events always give me a little push. I know that I’m not alone and I know that there are a few lovely people in my life who support me and love me, no matter what.

It’s been a busy weekend and although I feel like curling up in bed, I’m on my way to see my favorite soccer team play and I’m sure it will be fun. Very cold but fun.  I really wish that spring will happen soon because winter really kills my vibe.

I hope that all of you are feeling well and if not, talk to people and try to live life. I’m writing this, even though I’m struggling myself and in the last weeks and months, I was definitely better at just hiding in my room, than to kick myself in the butt and get moving. But if I give others advise, it might help me too. I know what I want to do and should do but sometimes, it just takes a while. One step at a time.

XO Hailey 


Lovely life

 my birthday  spending time with my friends  award shows  eating a ton of junkfood  a head full of ideas  Taylor Swift’s pink skirt  lovely presents  reading good books  pizza party  when your outfit is on fleek  fun blogger chats  watching childhood TV shows  inspirational quotes   “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes  new book inspiration  freshly shaved legs unicorns Carpool Karaoke ♥ occasional party nights ♥ drinking tea 

Songs I love

 Little Big Town – Girl Crush
Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk
Major Lazer – Watch Out For This (Bumaye)

Interesting articles

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5 Responses to Goodbye February 2016

  1. Sending love your way, I hope March brings lots of fab things for you!


  2. Crissy says:

    I love your honesty in this blog post! I am sorry to hear you have been struggling with the job hunting. I have been in that situation before and it can definitely affect how you feel so I understand your pain. I do hope March brings you much more happiness and positive vibes!
    I enjoyed clicking through the links you shared! Definitely some good ones that I will love to read through when I have a free moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for understanding. I feel like my friends and family currently don’t really do. It’s nice to hear from people who went through similar things. I hope you found some other articles you like. :) Thank you again! <3


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