It’s The Little Things That Matter – 50 Things Than Make Me Happy

I feel like today, everyone is only living for great achievements. We pressure ourselves to be the best at everything and we often let it get in the way of just enjoying life, with all it’s little bits and pieces. Life is great – I often have to tell this to myself and remind me of all the little things that make smile and feel better. I think it’s important to not only celebrate the great milestones of our lives but to reflect on what makes us truly happy on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be much but it’s important to let happiness reach you, in all situations of life.

Here is a list with 50 things I absolutely love and that make me a happier person. Leave a comment if you like and tell me all the little things that make you happy. Spread happiness and remind each other of how important the little things are.

Thinks I love

1. the smell of fresh sheets
2. listening to a great song on repeat
3. getting ready for a party
4. the taste of cake batter
5. eating a nice breakfast
6. redecorating your place
7. pretty postcards
8. walking around barefoot
9. the laugh of a child
10. lazy Sunday’s
11. dancing through the night
12. binge-watching my favorite TV show
13. finding seashells
14. starting a new planner
15. listening to audio books for children
16. stationery stores
17. chocolate-covered raisins
18. payday
19. singing to the radio when I drive
20. dreamcatchers
21. writing a final sentence
22. that vacation feeling
23. squeezing one more brush out of the toothpaste tube
24. the quiet spirit of holiday music
25. the thought of leaving work and going home
26. the first kiss of summer
27. a “where did you get that?” item
28. smelling new books
29. penny pressing
30. those days when you look and feel like a million bucks
31. 50 percent off anything
32. wearing fuzzy socks
33. the sound of wind chimes
34. browsing travel guides
35. finding a nice letter in your mailbox
36. freshly shaved legs
37. when my room is completely clean
38. listening to 90s music
39. the sound of rain
40. when I get a lovely comment on a post
41. long friendships
42. that little ear-orgasm when using a Q-tip
43. vacuuming my room
44. playdates with my godson
45. when people spell my name right
46. reading really inspiring quotes
47. buying a new costume
48. when everything is color coordinated
49. Disney movies
50. waking up to a phone full of messages

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5 Responses to It’s The Little Things That Matter – 50 Things Than Make Me Happy

  1. Eleanor says:

    This is such a cute post to read and I can totally relate to some of these things, especially a clean room :) xx


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  3. Kristen says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It’s the
    little changes that make the greatest changes. Many thanks for sharing!


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