Goodbye May 2016

Hello awesome readers,

please tell me one thing – How the hell can it be June, already? This is insane and I don’t know why but for some reason, it feels like time is totally running against me. I bet you all know the “oh no, I wanted to do 9324 things” thoughts that I’m having now. I guess I should start, right away.

When I think about how May went, I would say like any other month, before. Lots of emotional ups and downs but I’m trying only to focus on all the good things and everything that made me happy, even if only for a day or two, here and there. Since I still have a lot of time at hand, I try to fill it with lots of activities and dates because otherwise, I would go insane. I feel low pretty much everytime I have nothing planned for the day, so I need to make plans to stay sane. I admit that I fall into a little hole, everytime the fun days end but everyone around me just doesn’t have as much time as I do.

So back to focussing on all the positive things. I finally saw the incredible Adele live in concert and it really blew me away. That woman is magnificent and I will never forget how wonderful she made me feel. I also went to a 90s open air that I’m still raving about because helloooo?! that was definitely the best era. With live acts like Culture Beat and Rednex the crowd went wild, including me. I went absolutely crazy and it felt awesome. I also went to the movies, had some coffee dates with friends I don’t see very often, partied a bit and spent two days with my best friend in the whole wide world. Whenever we’re together, life is just so much more fun.

The weather was a lot better which definitely helped with the good mood, except for those few days when I felt miserable due to a big fat cold. We already had our first barbeque and it was delicious. I skyped with my baby girl that I took care of as an au pair, I ate Pad Thai (note: If I don’t move to a big city soon, I will go insane. They don’t even have food like that anywhere around here.), I finally started hitting up the tanning salon again, went on a little shopping spree and a few more things that made me smile. Sometimes, the little things count much more than you think.

So overall, it was a good month. I just need to keep trying to make it good. June 1st seems like a good date to get back to getting my butt out of bed and actually doing things, with other people or not. The only problem is that lying in bed and binge-watching one show after another is just so tempting when you have pretty much nothing else to do. But I promise, I’ll try to do less of that. To my defence, I left the house on at least half the days of this month. (Don’t judge me!)

I won’t think about or list the negative things now because there is literally no point in doing that. As I do every month, I try to look forward and not let past happenings bring me down because it doesn’t get me anywhere. Maybe June will bring something major, you never know. (Don’t even think of telling me that it will all be fine. I hate when people say it. I know they mean well but it’s such a meaningless phrase!)

I hope you all had a great month of May and will have an even greater June. If you want, let me know what’s going on in your lives and what has been your highlight of the month. Listening to other positive stories is great and inspiring.

Lots of positive thoughts and happenings to all of you!

XO Hailey 

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