Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

I know that a lot of people probably don’t like anything about the Eurovision Song Contest and trust me, I get it. Usually, half of the artists are pretty much awful, although everyone has a different taste in music, the votes are mostly politics and the whole event is just really tacky. But you know I what? I love it. I always end up being frustrated over who wins, but still have a blast watching it. I realized that I did a post about the show in 2013 and after 3 years, I felt like writing one again. I wasn’t really able to watch the show in 2015 because I was in the States, and I missed most of 2014’s show cause I was working.

From the last few years of Eurovision, I really only remember a handful of great songs that I still love listening to. My all time favorite would have to be “Calm After the Storm” by The Common Linnets and “Me and my Guitar” by Tom Dice was beautiful, as well. I guess I like the quiet stuff that show a true artist more than all those shiny dresses and light shows. However, I did have a soft spot for Blue because I just love, love, love oldschool boybands.

Anyway, this year, I literally knew none of the finalists or their songs. I barely even knew the contestant for my own country and so, I watched the show completely without being biased. I wanted to be surprised and then form an opinion because I just love having one. I must say that the ESC lost a hell lot of eccentricity. It was all pretty normal and predictable so I didn’t think it was the greatest night. But for the record, how cool was Justin Timberlake? That’s an artist I wouldn’t have expected to perform at an event like this but it was a pleasant surprise. He definitely brought the sexy back.

So, Ukraine won and I have to say that I’m definitely not pleased with this decision. It was one of the performances that made me want to mute the TV, but that’s just how this competition is. I usually end up super frustrated, every year. People always say that it’s all politics but if that’s the case, it frustrates me even more considering who people voted for but that’s another story. My favorite performance was definitely Israel. The song gave me goosebumps, but my number one only made it to number 14. Such a bummer but it is what it is and I can’t do anything about it. Let me know what you thought about the show, who your favorites were and whatever else you would like to tell me.

1. Belgium: Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure
I would describe this as Goldilocks going out for the first time in her life and covering herself in as much glitter as she could find. The song was stuck somewhere between ABBA and Pharell and I felt like there were nothing unique about it. I sounded like a handful of other songs just mixed together and I’m not a huge disco fan, anyway.

2. Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – I Stand
I was actually a big fan of this number. The dark sound was good and I liked that she just stood there, which of course matched the song. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dress but on my list, this performance actually made it to number two. Overall, I though it was very powerful.

3. Netherlands: Douwe Bob – Slow Down
I guess it’s a thing that the Netherlands send country acts to this contest but I have to say, that kid could never beat the amazing Common Linnets. I love country music but I really didn’t like this very much because I thought it was pretty boring and that weird break in the middle of the song was annoying. The bold guitar player flirting with the camera didn’t help, either.

4. Azerbaijan: Samra Rahimli – Miracle
I liked her bodysuit but overall, it was a pretty typical Eurovision performance. A pretty girl with a huge light show, some dancers but no great voice or great song.

5. Hungary: Freddie – Pioneer
The guy was kinda hot but he definitely needed a hair cut and a shirt that looked less weird. I liked his rusty voice and I thought it was an ok performance. Not over the top amazing but also not over the top bad.

6. Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree Of Separation
This was one of my least favorites performances in this competition and I can’t believe that the jury’s didn’t think the same way. Out of all acts, this one was definitely the most boring song and seriously, who wears glitter overalls and a white shirt when performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. There was not the slightest wow-effect there.

7. Israel: Hovi Star – Made Of Stars
This was my absolute favorite and yes, I called twice. When a song gives me goosebumps in the first few seconds, it has to be something good. The piano and the melody were wonderful, the lights matched perfectly and I just thought it was overall beautiful.

8. Bulgaria: Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime
I can’t believe that this act had so much support and actually made it to position four. The whole show was supposed to cover a whole lot of nothing when it comes to voice and song. It was so typical and I ranked it very, very low because it was all just very, very weak.

9. Sweden: Frans – If I Were Sorry
Once again, someone that everybody loved except for me. And he also ranked super high, which is pretty much always the case for Sweden, but I was just not a fan. The song annoyed me and didn’t touch me at all. It sounded like they didn’t know which music genre they were going for.

10. Germany: Jamie-Lee – Ghost
Just because this was the candidate for my country doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily a fan but I do think she did a great job and she didn’t deserve to be positioned last. I really don’t understand what Europe’s problem with Germany is or has been over the past few years, but our artists are never that terrible. I wasn’t a fan of her outfit but that is just who she is and it’s what makes her authentic, in comparison to many of the other contestants. She sang very well, the song was ok, too and I definitely loved the whole staging.

11. France: Amir – J’ai cherché
This was another guy who definitely needed a haircut. The song wasn’t very deep or touching and I don’t know, it just wasn’t my thing. House meets hayride? In my opinion, it didn’t work very well together.

12. Poland: Michał Szpak – Colour Of Your Life
I like excentric and authentic people and this incarnation of Captain Hook was pretty cool. A lot of the song reminded me of other songs, so it wasn’t really unique but that guy really does have a great voice and he was kinda cool. He definitely touched me more than others.

13. Australia: Dami Im – Sound Of Silence
So, I still don’t quite get how Australia made it to this competition. I may suck at geography but even I know that it’s clearly not a part of Europe. The government may be, but still, that’s not right. However, I did like the song and her voice, and aside from the fact that it wasn’t for or from Europe, I did think she deserved the big amount of votes. However, I do feel like the performance would’ve been more powerful with a different outfit and simply more action. Sitting on that box for most of the song didn’t quite do it for me. She should’ve been standing up high with a wind machine and all because more drama would’ve been the better fit.

14. Cyprus: Minus One – Alter Ego
Honestly, I want to hear something a little more unique at this contest and this was clearly the opposite. I thought they were good and I definitely like that kind of music but I could’ve just listened to the Killers and would’ve gotten a little something better.

15. Serbia: Sanja Vučič – Goodbye (Shelter)
I thought it was a solid performance with a good voice but there was just something missing for me. It was a little too dark and the high notes could’ve been a little cleaner.

16. Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
I really liked the melody played by the piano because something like that usually touches me. I enjoyed the song but I’m not a fan of guys wearing tighter pants than I do. I liked his voice and I’m sure his pretty eyes made a lot of girls vote for him. The performance had a lot of lights but also a voice and he was just a cool guy.

17. Croatia: Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse
That outfit didn’t cover for the fact that she isn’t a huge singer. I know that a lot of people actually liked the whole thing but all I heard were notes that made me want to mute my TV. It hurt my ears and I found it super awful.

18. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One
The first few seconds of him singing already annoyed me, a lot. His voice was just a NO for me but the effects during his performance were kinda cool, though.

19. Spain: Barwi – Say Yay
She’s definitely a cool chick. The show wasn’t over the top wow but still pretty cool, great hair and she definitely busted some moves. Most ESC ladies usually just stand there looking pretty and sing but she actually moved and brought some sass to the stage.

20. Latvia : Justs – Heartbeat
I thought he didn’t have the strongest voice in the verses and the other parts were just pushed too much. I felt he was a little wannabe cool and I didn’t believe him. Not the most authentic performance.

21. Ukraine: Jamala – 1944
I thought it was too dark and I really didn’t like the outfit. I guess it was just not my thing and to me, it just didn’t feel like a song. I didn’t understand what she was singing (there were English parts, right?). I know it was a sad story but I’m sorry, it just didn’t touch me.

22. Malta: Ira Losco – Walk On Water
Beautiful woman, lovely dress, just the fully closed black shoes weren’t my thing. She had a great voice and even though the song wasn’t my favorite, she did a great job.

23. Georgian: Young Georgian Lolitaz – Midnight Gold
Oh yeah, I like to listen to some good indie music. I’m usually a fan of anything that is not typical Eurovision material, so I thought this was pretty cool. However, they did lose me toward the end of the song so it wasn’t super riveting. And was that one of the Gallagher brother’s with them on stage?

24. Austria: Zoë – Loin d’ici
An upbeat song with no performance, at all. It wasn’t terrible but nothing that will stay in mind, forever.

25. Great Britain: Joe and Jake – You’re Not Alone
Two cuties with bad haircuts and I’m sure young girls absolutely adore them. The song wasn’t extraordinary but cute. They have some talent but nothing overly powerful.

26. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – Love Wave
She definitely wore my favorite outfit but the song, especially the beginning, was weird. She hurt my ears with her singing and I wanted to mute my TV, once again. If you can’t hit any of the high notes, don’t sing them.

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