Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Once a year, Europe presents its “finest” music artist and every year I think, WTF?! I mean, I love to watch this but it’s really always the same. Pretty girls with big shows and bad voices, explosions, lights, strange dancers, even stranger outfits, people who should really stop singing, bad dancers, and mostly no surprises. Almost every song sound like something you’ve heard before, but I guess that’s just what it’s about. Still, I think it’s highly entertaining and once in a while, really great songs and artists present their work. Loreen was amazing last year and she really deserved to win. I especially love those with rather simple performances that can actually sing. But everybody has a different taste in music and every culture has different sounds. So, let me just start with each artist. I sat here all the time taking lot’s of notes.

France: Amandine Bourgeois – L’Enfer Et Moi
That girl looked as if Ke$ha and Courtney Love had a child. She definitely lacked some dancing skills but the song was good and her voice was interesting. But she was one of the ladies that had a bad-hair-day today. She wasn’t the only one! It was ok but no winner-potential.

Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis – Something
He had a very Depeche Mode kind of sound but I think, his voice would have been better with some Country music. He had absolutely no idea what to do on stage and the fact that he raised his hands in the air a couple of times and one could see some skin, wasn’t very helpful, either. The song was rather simple and still, he didn’t manage to hit all the notes. For me, it was nothing special.

Moldova: Aliona Moon – A Million
She looked really great and the over-all presentation was very good. But really, a lighted dress? As if we have never seen that before. I’ve seen it a million times before but of course, it still looked good. There were some strange dancers but that is nothing new, as well. The first few seconds when only the piano was playing were the nicest. Overall though, it was good ESC material and she really hit every single note.

Finland: Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me
I think she wore a really cute and cool outfit. Wedding-Barbie in the morning, after marrying in Vegas the night before. She didn’t have the greatest voice but a lot of energy. The song was a little Avril Lavigne and probably better aimed at teenage girls. Not to forget the girl-on-girl-action at the end of the song. That was so Madonna and Britney Spears!

Spain: El Sueño De Morfeo – Contigo hasta el final
That girl was so pretty but she seemed much too nervous. Furthermore, her voice really isn’t the greatest. And she looked like a bird. A pretty one but still. She could have done better than that yellow dress. She had trouble hitting the notes but it was a sweet song. A little Spanish County music with some Scottish sounds.

Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa – Love Kills
That boy has such an awful haircut. It sounded like a mix of One Republic and Hurts. He seemed not to feel very comfortable on stage and if I hadn’t written everything down, I would’ve already forgotten about him.

Estonia: Birgit Õigemeel – Et uus saaks alguse
She is a very good singer and looked sooo pretty in that long white dress. Don’t pregnant ladies have this special glow? I definitely saw it, here. Again, I think it sounded a little Country. I had this feeling pretty often during the contest. I didn’t understand a word she sang but I really liked her.

Belarus: Alena Lanskaja – Solayoh
This was so typical for the ESC. A really pretty woman without much talent. She should work as a Victoria’s Secret model and quit singing and dancing. She was sooo stiff, I could barely watch. I’ve heard better singing, seen better dancing and well…it was just not good. Hit the runway, pretty lady, not the stage.

Malta: Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow
A doctor – and such a sweet one. The song reminded me a lot of Train’s ‘Hey Soulsister’ and something Jason Mraz would sing. I couldn’t understand all of his English but still, he was so adorable. I wouldn’t say the song was winning material but cute for the summer. He tried to shine like the sun, all the time. Unfortunately, he really had to fight to get those high notes.

Russia: Dina Garipova – What If
I really had goosebumps when the song started. It’s one of my favorites. Sung by a simple and sweet girl with a wonderful voice. Only proves it once again: less show, bigger voice! When the background singers joined her, it was even more touching. I loved the lanterns and of course, the song has a nice message, as well.

Germany: Cascada – Glorious
Yeah, that is the contestant of my country. Usually, I’m not a huuuge Cascada fan but I think, she really did a very good job. She didn’t look as tacky as she often does. She looked much more classy! She presented a very positive attitude and had a lot of energy. Everything went well, she hit every note and she really put everything into this performance.

Armenia: Dorians – Lonely Planet
Do all songs have a Country touch? But really, good job. I just have to say: no guy needs these girly scarfs. Anyway, a little rock never hurts. I loved the little guitar solo but somehow, I see his voice with a different style of music.

Netherlands: Anouk – Birds
Finally something different. This song didn’t sound like a typical ESC song, at all. It was a little mysterious and it reminded me a little of Loreen’s song, minus the electronic beats. The song has some really difficult notes to sing and I really liked it. I think it sounds like a song from a movie. Very unique. Melancholy on a very high level.

Romania: Cezar – It’s My Life
Oh God, I couldn’t take him seriously. I think he wanted to go to a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ casting or something like that and accidentally walked through the wrong door. It might be impressive which notes he is able to hit but that doesn’t mean that it sounds good.

United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler – Believe In Me
I love Bonnie Tyler but I don’t know. It didn’t really touch me. When I think of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ I could instantly start crying because it’s such a wonderful song. But this one, oh well. It’s not bad but I wanted more emotions. Still, she knows how to work that unique voice.

Sweden: Robin Stjernberg – You
Everyone on stage looked like they forgot to put on real clothes. Perform in pajamas? I don’t know about that. I bet many teenage girls fell in love in front of the tv but I wasn’t that thrilled. I mean ok, the song was good and he really can sing. As a matter of fact, he has a great voice but it just didn’t take me in.

Hungary: ByeAlex – Kedvesem
Usually, this style of music would be something I like to listen to. Unfortunately, I can’t stand the language. No offence, but that word ‘kedvesem’ just sounds really strange and it really annoyed me. Furthermore, the song was not that difficult to sing and the singer had real trouble with hitting the notes.

Denmark: Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Magical beginning. I loooved the flute throughout the song but that as pretty much it. Her fairy look was kind of cute too, although she seemed to have a bed-hair-day like so many others. I just don’t get why Denmark was the favorite act from the very beginning? I really don’t think the song is that good.

Iceland: Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf
Once you get used to the interesting language, it is a very pretty song. Great voice, very touching and I love that Celtic touch. Iceland was one of my favorites.

Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov – Hold Me
Pretty boring. Not the best English and not the best singer. And that shadow thing with another guy in the box would have been so much better, if he had done it with a beautiful girl, from the start.

Greece: Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis – Alcohol Is Free
And every year there is this WTF moment. The beginning of this act was one of those. But I like Ska and this was kinda fun. Still, why these skirts and this song title??? I guess a little craziness is always good. It was funny to watch.

Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich – Gravity
How the hell did they find such a tall guy? I loved the soft tunes in the beginning of the song. The rest was good, too. She has a powerful voice and looked absolutely fantastic.

Italy: Marco Mengoni – L’Essenziale
The best looking man in the contest. Reminded me of Eros Ramazzotti. Nice! Yeah, I like it. He sings good, looks good, has a good song. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to move. It was a little stiff. Nice suit, though.

Norway: Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love
This was The Prodigy (verses) meets Nightwish (chorus), combined with a pretty blond singer. I don’t know. I don’t tink that it all fits together, so well. Some strange sounds.

Georgia: Sophie Gelovani & Nodi Tatishvili – Waterfall
The only duet in the contest. I thought it sounded really nice. Two great singers. I know, we’ve seen this many times before, but then again, this is just how the ESC works. Beautiful song! I thought it sounded like a possible winner song. Very romantic.

Ireland: Ryan Dolan – Only Love Survives
Please: Guys should not wear silver!!! Furthermore, I had the feeling that I’ve heard that song a million times before. Just another song that is ok and not more. And everything that happened in the back didn’t help, either. And I’m not even gonna start talking about those strange tribal prints.

Now it is over and Denmark won. I don’t get it but that’s what Europe wanted. And I also don’t get why our German act didn’t get more points. Seriously, if she would have sucked, I would say it, but she was good. And she is a huge act in Europe and beyond. I really don’t get it. Furthermore, why the hell did Germany give 12 points to Hungary? It’s really interesting how different tastes are.

My favorites were: Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland and Georgia.

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