My worst date!

I haven’t had many dates and I’m still waiting for a real one. With that, I mean meeting a guy I haven’t known before, talking, flirting, exchanging phone numbers, he contacts you, you make plans for a date and then see how the story ends. (Or begins…however you want to see it.)  I’m still waiting for something like that to happen. I know, totally clichee, but even I forget about my emancipation sometimes. I wouldn’t have a problem with paying, though. All my dates were with guys I already knew and I don’t know if they count as real dates. There was definitely no ‘getting to know each other’. It was simply a little different from a normal getting together and with none of them, an actual relationship came into being. STORY OF MY LIFE! ;) Anyway, there was one “date” that I will never forget because it was really strange. Looking back, I don’t even know if I can call it a date. I was never really sure what the point of it was. Not back then, not today.

I guess, the way it began should probably be enough to call it a non-date. Instead of saying that he would pick me up, I had to drive to another village, less than 10 minutes away from mine, to meet him in the parking lot of a super market. Yes, you read that correctly! Isn’t that romantic?! :D I mean, he definitely knew were I live. He had been there, before! Well, there he picked me up and when I got into the car, two huge clouds of perfume clashed. I will never forget that because we totally overdid it. Both of us!!! At least, there was something we had in common. ;) That was pretty much it, except for working in the same place, but that is a different story.

On the way to the cinema, there was nothing that I should especially mention. At least, I can’t remember anything. He is not the best driver and when we passed a certain gas station, he told me a story about his ex-girlfriend that had happened there. As if I was interested in that! The really bad part started when we entered the cinema. We walked toward the desk in order to get our tickets. Suddenly, “my date” stepped to the side and left me standing in front of the lady who was expectantly looking at me. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was the one who had to get the tickets. I did and I paid for both of them. Those were the most expensive tickets I ever bought. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The problem wasn’t that I paid. For me, the worst part was that he wasn’t able to get those tickets. I don’t think that it was his plan to let me pay but that situation felt so awkward, I didn’t want to start splitting the payment. What made it even worse? When the lady asked if we would like to have a seat for couples, he said NO! Can you believe that? He can’t even get tickets but there, he chimes in.

After that, he was all: I’ll get some popcorn, nachos, whatever but here came the next problem. I think he was trying to save money. He was checking prices and discussed what we’ll take, over and over again. I wanted popcorn! I always eat popcorn and I would never compromise when it comes to the question: popcorn or nachos. I still don’t know what his problem was. I know him and for the most part, he doesn’t care about money, too much. And after all, he totally saved some by letting me buy the tickets. I think we ended up with popcorn and two cokes but I’m pretty sure that he wanted nachos. As far as I remember, we even had some money-saving combo.

We watched The Social Network. Not very romantic. And we ended up sitting next to someone he knew. It was all pretty annoying. The movie was pretty long and NOTHING happened between us. My body language was all “Hello, here I am…” but he preferred to cling to the bag of popcorn. It was so ridiculous. The movie wasn’t the bomb, as well, and I think, he didn’t even get all of it. I remember feeling really stupid when we walked back to the car. And when he paid the parking ticket, he said something about having raided his piggy bank for that day. Wow, thanks a lot. I guess, there wasn’t much in it.

The drive home was ok. I mean, for some reason, I liked him, even though we had nothing in common. On that drive, he told me that he had never read a book in his life. Next time I hear that from a guy, I will jump out of the car. The funniest part of it was when I had one of my hallucinations. I thought, I saw a man on the road whom we hit. I don’t know why but it was the second time that had happened to me. I’m so weird. :D (The other time was when I was driving around with my bff. She said, it had happened to her as well. We’re both pretty weird!) I held my breath and he was like: What’s wrong? I told him and we laughed about it. Then, he drove me back to my car and I drove home.

From the way he acted, I don’t think he thought of it as a date. At least, he didn’t show it. We did go on “dating”, although they were never “real dates”. We had lots of fun and I really liked him. I really don’t know why but I did. That stopped when I found out that he was playing with me, lying to me and that he actually didn’t want a relationship with me. Awful date, sad over-all ending but still, fun times.

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