Adele 2016 Live In Cologne

Adele CologneOn Sunday, the day was finally here, I got to see the amazing Adele live in concert and I’m still totally overwhelmed by it. I mean, I was pretty sure that it would be amazing but that woman just blew my mind. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible her voice is because nothing would do it justice. She is a one in a million kind of talent and now, I’m an even bigger fan. I honestly feel blessed over the fact that I managed to get tickets to witness this amazingness. Just thinking about it gives me the chills and yes, I shed a few tears.

I’ve been to other concerts by great artists but what made this one my absolute favorite is her personality. Of course, you never know how artists are in real life, but Adele just seems to be the coolest, funniest and most down to earth person in the whole industry. She doesn’t need much of a show to be fantastic, she just needs to be herself in order for everyone to fall in love with her. No wonder she’s friends with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Shumer, those three would definitely be my ultimate squad goals.

First of all, I thought it was great that Adele didn’t have anyone performing before her because let’s be honest, who could possibly be good enough to open for her? She played for two hours and included a total of 18 songs, some from her new album, as well as some of her greatest hits. I admit that I’m a little gutted she didn’t play my favorite song from 25 “Remedy,” but I’m just gonna let that slip because everything else was amazing. Yes, you’ll probably read this word a few more times. As you can imagine, she didn’t put up a show with a lot of dancing, but she didn’t need any of it. She wore a beautiful black dress, included a cool light show and background images and simply sang her heart out. And putting pictures of every town she’s singing in on the big screen, while singing Hometown Glory, was genius and thoughtful.

Adele Live in Cologne 2016Adele live in Cologne 2016What made this concert so special were all those moments when she didn’t sing. That may sound weird but if you’ve been to one of her concerts, you know what I mean. She is so honest and funny, she cracked me up, all night. Aside from swearing like a sailor and laughing her very evil laugh, she burped and blamed it on a German sausage, she said that she could drink any of us under the table, due to her years before she became a mother and when talking about her Bond song, she explained why she did not want to be in the music video. As a matter of fact, she was 9 months pregnant and when thinking of sexy Halle Berry coming out of the water, she didn’t really feel excited about it. Trust me Adele, that’s all of us, pregnant or not. And did you know that she lost her energy loaded crystals before her Grammy performance which, according to her, was her worst performance, ever? Now, she believes in those crystals and gladly picked up some new ones. It happened, she’s still fabulous, especially because she just laughs about it. And after seeing her perform live, who cares about the Grammys, anyway?!

Adele was also super sweet to people in the audience, asking them to come on stage to take a selfie with her. Two girls had saved for years to see her live in concert and couldn’t believe their luck. An 8-year-old Canadian girl was promised a few tickets, so she could attend a concert, back home. There was also a proposal during “Make You Feel My Love” and not to forget the extreme confetti bombs at the end. I know, many artists do this during concerts but when I went to grab some, afterward, I figured that each strip had a message, lyric, song etc. on it. I just think that’s such a lovely idea.

Adele live in CologneOf course, I tried to capture as much as possible with my camera and phone. A part of me always wishes, I could just enjoy events like this by watching and listening, like people used to do before technology happened, but I can’t. I mean, hello? I’m a blogger and we tend to record everything. I was literally standing there, camera in one hand and phone in the other, taking a ton of snaps. It’s just how it works, today and this way, I can share some of the magic with you. It was a little dark in the arena for pictures and videos but some of them turned out ok. Anyway, I will have these memories stuck in my head forever because it was an unforgettable night. Thank you Adele for being so incredibly amazing.

Here is a 15 minute video summary of the fantastic concert.

And here is my much shorter Snapchat story.

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6 Responses to Adele 2016 Live In Cologne

  1. bethany dean says:

    Aww loved reading this, your so right she is such a down to earth girl! I’m actually so jealous reading this but I’m so glad you had an amazing night – I’d of definitely cried too! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for stopping by! :) I’ve been jealous of everyone who’s seen her before so I get it. She’s just fantastic and like the cutest person ever. I pretty much always have to cry when I hear “Someone Like You” but live pretty much killed me. :D The next time she goes on tour, you MUST go! – xx

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  3. Nice! Was it the Lanxess Arena? Saw Taylor Swift there last year, it’s a good venue!


    • Thank you! :) Yes, it was at the Lanxess Arena, It’s the closest big concert venue to where I live. I would love to see Taylor, someday. Still haven’t gotten the chance but it’s on my bucket list. :)


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