Goodbye June 2016

Hello July and goodbye first half of 2016!

Honestly, I would really love for time to slow down a little because I feel like I can’t catch up with it. One month after another passes by and my life still seems to be stuck, which definitely freaks me out. I could really use a pause button, right now. But since I always try to enter a new month on a positive note, I will reflect on all the good things that happened in June, which, unfortunately, are not that many.

I finally got invited to a job interview for a huge company and I’m still super stoked about it. It was my first one and it went extremely well, with me leaving with lots of positive feelings. The only problem is that the possible job doesn’t start until October 2017, but I will do an internship with them and see where it takes me. What is even more important to me though, is the fact that the people I spoke to were amazing and finally gave me back some confidence. You see, when you graduate from university, you’ve done internships, you spent some time abroad and pretty much did everything in your power to get where you want to go and then nothing happens, you get super frustrated. The more rejection letters came, the more I felt like a failure. But when the editor in chief of a huge magazine, from one of the biggest media companies around, tells you that you’re the ideal candidate, that they think you’re resumé is interesting and that they love that you went abroad to work as an au pair, you know it means something. It was such a relief to hear these words and it reassured me that I’ve done nothing wrong and that the job market is just a bitch. And yes, I felt super fancy in my new business outfit.

Other than that, I honestly don’t have much else to tell you. There was nothing really going on and I didn’t leave the house much, since most of my friends are too busy with their own lives. I’ve given up on asking people to have some fun with me, since they always say that they’d love to and then, I never hear back from them. I’m done with running after people and I don’t want a pity party, either. If people want to hang, they have my number. Good thing I’m very good at being by myself.

Speaking of people, I just have to say that the Twitter community has blessed me with so many lovely people. Even though I haven’t met any of them in person, they’re a huge support system and I really think that they are genuinely great people. I really hope we can all meet, someday. No matter if I’m having a good or a bad day, if I have questions or just want to have a fun chat, these people will help me and that is a very lovely thing. It definitely helps me feel less alone. And before you roll your eyes because they’re online friends, go check it out for yourself. I mean, when I snapchatted our flooded basement, which includes my room, in which I currently can’t hang out in, my Twitter friends were those who texted me and asked if I was alright. Except for one person, who I know in real-life, nobody else did. This is just one example of how sweet this community is. I don’t have to mention names because they know who they are. Love you guys!

So here comes July and I hope it brings better weather. I really don’t need another flooded basement and sunshine always helps with the good mood. I will also see Rihanna live in concert, for the third time, and there are a few parties I would like to go to. And I’m definitely looking forward to getting a new carpet because I really need my room back. It’s my happy place and it’s the place I work best in. It’s also super annoying that my stuff is all over the house and I really miss my lovely bed. So sorry for the lack of blog posts and Twitter interactions in the past week, but I was busy cleaning, drying, organizing and so on.

I hope that everyone is having a good summer, despite the annoying weather, and that the second half of 2016 will absolutely rock. You deserve it, I deserve it, the whole world deserves some happiness, in these dark times. The thing is, if bad weather and a flooded basement are the worst problems we have, we should consider ourselves lucky because there are terrible things happening around us and we shouldn’t forget how blessed we are. May the beautiful souls that this world has already lost this year rest in peace.

Spread love, tell people that you love them and do something nice for someone else. It will make both of you feel better.

XO Hailey 

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  1. sparkleberry says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations, keep us updated with the job/internship! :) xx


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