40 Thoughts I Had While Watching Spice World

Spice World MovieI honestly can’t believe that it’s been almost 20 years since Spice World was released. It makes me feel really, really old but oh well, it will always be one of my favorite movies because it’s crazy awesome. I even used to make my family watch it with me and trust me when I tell you that they were not amused. They just didn’t know what’s good for them. So, since I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I decided to watch the movie and share my thoughts on it. I know that a lot of you are nineties kids who love the Spice Girls, so definitely let me know what you think of it. Also, who was your favorite? I was obsessed with these girls and I still can’t let them go. I just actually went through my folder where I kept all their articles, stickers, posters etc. that I collected over many years. Anyway, they were the greatest girlband ever, I always wanted to be Baby Spice and here are my thoughts on the movie.

01. It will forever bother me that “Too Much” is pitched too high in the opening scene.
02. How were they able to walk and dance that good in those shoes?
03. They’re bus is just the coolest thing ever.
04. How the hell did they get Meat Love to play a bus driver?
05. Did anyone else ever wonder how everything fits into that bus? (As a kid, it amazed me)
06. That red lip sofa is everything.
07. It’s crazy how much the stereotypes are played out.
08. I want a runway in my room.
09. The Spice Girls were so cool, even Elton John wanted to be in the movie.
10. I never got all those metaphors the Chief made. Still don’t.
11. How can it rain inside a room?
12. Mel B was able to look into the future when she said “and then you got this ugly loser one who reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Stephen” when she talked about the fish.
13. How the hell did someone come up with all this madness?
14. They had the coolest photo shooting, ever.
15. When Clifford talks about hair in the shower, I’m like “whoa, they have showers on the bus?!”
16. What was wrong with the hair of that wannabe fashion lady talking to posh at the press event?
17. Imagine having 5 Spice Girls as godmother’s. That would be amazing.
18. I’m still disappointed that the “Come on, come on” song wasn’t on the album.
19. Same goes for that drill instructor song.
20. Sometimes, I can’t believe what they’re wearing but it was just so cool.
21. That alien story though…
22. I still know all of the dance moves from throughout the movie.
23. That blue “stain” on Emma’s white skirt annoys me, everytime.
24. Vicky can even walk perfectly across a lawn in those super high heels.
25. It’s so disgusting how that reporter creep comes out of the toilet.
26. I wonder how many lollipops Emma ate throughout filming the movie.
27. I wish there was actually a Spice Force 5 movie.
28. It annoys me how extreme posh is stereotyped as this non-funny, superficial young woman.
29. That bus has an office, bathrooms, showers, personal spaces, hang-out area for guests etc.
30. I used to be obsessed by everything that baby space owned in this movie.
31. I still want her stuffed bee animal.
32. Clifford and Deborah don’t work together, at all.
33. When I was a kid, I only understood half of what they’re saying because of their heavy accents.
34. Why would anyone bring their 9 month pregnant friend to a club?
35. Vicky is totally me driving, especially when it comes to yelling at everyone.
36. Does it get any worse that the bridge crossing scene?
37. Where the hell did the bomb come from?
38. And what the hell were they doing on the roof of the bus?
39. Even my crazy mind couldn’t make up that much craziness.
40. Man, I really want that bus to be real.

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5 Responses to 40 Thoughts I Had While Watching Spice World

  1. Chel says:

    I really want to watch Spice Girls the Movie all over again. I think I watched it once upon a time when I was home sick from work. Lol. Still – it’s a cute movie (from what I remember) and now I really want to watch it again!

    I so wanted the bus to be real as well. Ha! Glad I’m not the only one.


    • OMG, go and watch it again. You’ll definitely think it’s super silly and badly made, but you’ll love it, anyway. :D I rewatch it from time to time and it always gives me a laugh. And that bus is just EVERTHING! <3


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  3. I had so many of these thoughts when I watched this film too! You’ve made me want to watch it again now haha! I really wanted to live on that damn bus, I kinda still do! x


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