The 7 Day Nature Photography Challenge

In the past few weeks, this challenge became pretty popular among bloggers, especially those who are into lovely photographs. Normally, I’m supposed to post seven photos, one for each day of the week, but I decided to put it all into one post. I’ve got nominated for this challenge by three lovely bloggers, whom I met on Twitter and they are some of my favorite people to chat with. So please give This and Tatt, Tea is for Tina and Hannah Emily Lane a visit, follow them, say hello because they’re really great. In case I forgot someone who nominated me, please tell me because I am terrible at remembering or I oversee things on Twitter. This time, I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically because I feel like if you love photography and nature, just do this. Furthermore, I think most of my favorite photography people have already been nominated, before.

Nature photography is one of my absolute favorites and I do it a lot, myself. I love exploring the world through my camera lens and to keep these memories, forever. Animals and flowers in particular have always been motives that I try to capture. I will show you some photos from all kinds of different places and of course tell you a little something about them. I admit that it was definitely not easy to choose only seven, so maybe, I’ll include more of these posts, in the future. However, if you like my pictures, you can always check out my photography category to look at a lot more.

Heart carved in a tree

My first picture shows a heart carved into a tree and what happens to it after a few years. I remember one of my best friends being over and we were doing what girls do, taking pictures in my backyard. I don’t know exactly why we had this idea but my friend carved this heart into one of our trees and believe me, my parents weren’t super pleased. But this was ours and it stood for our friendship. Unfortunately, the tree isn’t there anymore but gladly, I have this photo to remind me of super fun times and we’re still going strong.

Volcanopark Hawaii, Big Island

I took this picture during a week in Hawaii and it shows volcanic rock. One day, we drove to the Volcano National Park and went for a hike around and across a huge crater that is still steaming. What my friends and me found most fascinating is the fact that even in this, what looks like dead land, plants still grow and how the circle of nature works in special areas, like this. I also like that the rocks have different colors and one is not like the other.


Nature not only includes plants but also animals. Therefore, I had to include some cuties and it was really hard to decide which ones. I chose these two deers because everytime I look at this photo, I imagine the cutie on the left whispering something into to the right cutie’s ear. This was taken at a amusement and wildlife park, where the deers roamed around freely and were obviously used to people being close to them, since they weren’t shy, at all.

Ocean Beach San Francisco

As many of you may know by now, I lived in San Francisco for a year and of course, I had to include a picture that shows a glimpse of its beauty. I took this photo the first time I went to Ocean Beach and I definitely loved watching the sun set over there, every single time. Just driving toward this beach reveals a breathtakingly beautiful view and it’s even prettier toward the end of the day. I definitely miss living in a place where it just takes you a short car ride to reach the beach.

Wissembourg France

In 2014, I visited a good friend of mine who lives near the French border. Therefore, we took a little trip to a town called Wissembourg and I thought parts of it looked exactly like you would imagine a town in France to look like. I think it’s so beautiful how the river runs right next to the houses and everything is surrounded by plants and pretty flowers. I remember it being an absolute lovely day and I liked using some of my language skills from very long ago.


I took this in my grandma’s garden and I included it because I love taking pictures of everything I find in both of my grandma’s green spaces. This daisy was very near to my birth tree, wich is a huge magnolia tree, and I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of it. It’s definitely on my list of things to do, this summer. I love spending time in these gardens and of course with my grandparents. I also chose to include this because it reminds me of all the times I played “he loves me, he loves me not” cause that’s just what girls do and I usually used a daisy to find out who truly loves me. Or not.

Break of dawn

As you can probably tell, this picture does not have a very good quality. It’s smaller and a little pixellated. I wanted to include it anyway, because it has always been one of my favorites. It’s been about 10 years and it was with the first digital camera I ever owned. I remember driving home at the break of dawn and thinking how great the area looked in this morning haze and just stopped in the middle of the road, rolled down my window and took this picture. I’m not sure where exactly I came from, but I guess it was a fun party, since I got home pretty late, or early, for that matter.

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