The 30 Disney Questions

1. Favorite Character
Belle – Out of all characters Disney has created, I’ve always loved her the most. I love how much she reads and that she doesn’t care for someone like Gaston. Also, she would risk everything for her family and is not a fan of the normal, provincial life. I was always able to relate to her. I even have her costume.

2. Favorite Princess
Pocahontas – Since I can’t really name Belle twice, I’ll name my second favorite princess. I’m a true 90s kid, so of course Pocahontas was a very important movie for me. I still have a lot of merchandize and I think it’s a great movie. Pocahontas is stunning and she makes up her own mind about people.

3. Favorite Heroine
Mulan – Every time I watch the movie, I’m just so incredible proud of her. She’s a woman surviving in a man’s world and because she’s super smart, she saves everyone.

4. Favorite Prince
Li Shang – I think he’s pretty cool and kinda hot. Most of the other Disney princess are just too commercially pretty. However, I know that in real life, I’d fall for someone like Flynn Rider. He’s the classic good-looking macho guy with a big heart.

5. Favorite Hero
Jack Skellington – Until this day, my mom still doesn’t get why I love JAck so much, since I was always a typical princess, girly-girly kinda fan. He was the number one character I tried to hunt down at Disneyland and succeeded. He’s just a super cool dude.

6. Favorite Animal
Percy – The cutest pug in the world with and attitude that cracks me up, every time. Of course, I have him sitting on my comfy chair and he even barks.

7. Favorite Sidekick
Jaq & Gus – I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to have friends like these two. They are fearless and adorable and you can always count on them.

8. Favorite Villain
Cruella De Vil – First of all, I think the animated version of her is so super ugly and I don’t really know why but I just like her. And she even has a song written about her. I actually found it harder to settle for one villain than, for example, a princess. I think Disney really makes great villains.

9. Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)
Donald Duck – Despite the fact that I can’t understand him half the time, I think he’s hillarious. Nobody throws better tantrums like he does.

10. Favorite Love Song
Tale As Old As Time – Even though I don’t believe in love as this fairytale magic thing, this will always be my favorite song. When they walk down the stairs and see each other all dressed up, it’s truly a magic moment. And the version sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson is just so beautiful.

11. Favorite Song
Colors Of The Wind – I’m just an overall huge fan of the Pocahontas soundtrack and it was also my first CD that I bought for myself. I especially love it because it tells people to get to know something or someone before judging and I think that this is one of the most important messages of life.

12. Favorite Villain Song
Savages Part I + II – Again from the Pocahontas movie. This song actually has two separate parts but for me, the go together. It’s sung by Govenor Ratcliffe, Chief Powhatan and Pocahontas and I think it’s a fantastic composition.

13. Least Favorite Song
The Siamese Cat Song – Just thinking about this awful song gives me a headache. It’s like someone scratches a board with his fingernails. That’s how the song sounds to me.

14. Favorite Kiss
Lady and the Tramp – I guess this is just a classic Disney scene and I’m pretty sure it’s of the most popular ones, ever. And we’ve probably all tried to recreate it, at some point in our lives, using whatever can be eaten from two sides. Spaghetti is usually the most messy.

15. The First Movie You Saw
Aladdin – I think it was Aladdin. It’s definitely the first one I watched at a movie theatre, where I went with my Grandma. It’s possible though that The Beauty and the Beast was the first one because my uncle recorded it for me on an old VHS cassette. So I’m not 100%sure. The first English one was The Lion King, shortly after my family and I moved from Germany to the US. My dad, brother me saw it at the mall.

16. Favorite Classic
The Beauty and the Beast – This will always and forever be my absolute number one. I know that there are better ones but you know, once you fall in love with something, nothing can change that.

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head
Let It Go – You can say about Frozen what you want but I think this is a great song and it’s totally deserved that Oscar. I always end up singing it from the top of my lungs whenever I hear it and so far, every version I hear of it is beautiful.

18. Favorite Pixar Film
Inside Out – I think this is one of the best animated movies that’s been released in the past few years. I remember sitting there and thinking about how it cool it would be, if our brain would really work like that.

19. Least Favorite Pixar Film
Cars – I’m a girl and it’s just not my thing. I only watch it when my godson wants to and of course, he’s obsessed with Cars. I can just buy him something with Lightning McQueen on it and he’ll be happy.

20. Favorite Sequel
Maleficent – Does this count? It’s not animated but I still think it’s a sequel. I’m not a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty, but Maleficent is awesome. I just saw Angelina Jolie on the screen and thought wow, nobody else in the world could’ve been better for this role. I still want to have the costume.

21. Overrated Movie
Sleeping Beauty – Yeah, I’m just not a fan. I think it’s a pretty boring movie and when I think about how much money my brother spent on it, when he gave me the DVD as a present, I have to say that it’s so not worth it. No great music, the story is kind of boring and the only funny scene was the fight over Aurora’s dress being pink or blue.

22. Underrated Movie
Tinkerbell – I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all the Tinkerbell movies and I really love them. They’re super cute and funny and always tell a great story.

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh
Marry Poppins – A lot of Disney movies make me laugh but I just really wanted to name Marry Poppins somewhere, since it’s a fantastic movie. It definitely makes me smile a lot and I think that all nannies should be a little like Marry.

24. Movie That Makes You Cry
Mulan – Even though it’s not a sad movie, I always end up crying because I’m just so proud of her. I’m a strong supporter of girl power and she is a great representative.

25. The Saddest Scene
The death of Bambi’s mother – I mean, who doesn’t find this scene incredibly terrible?!

26. Saddest Death
Mufasa – I can’t even find words to describe the tragic of this scene. And to make young Simba think that he killed his own father makes him the worst villain ever.

27. Favorite Quote
Mulan’s Father – “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

28. Favorite Theme Park
Paris – So far, I’ve visited EuroDisney once and Disneyland California twice. I enjoyed Paris more but I can’t really tell you why. The castle is definitely prettier and you can actually check out the upstairs area.

29. Favorite Theme Attraction
Spinning Teacups – I love the teacups and in general the Alice in Wonderland themed part. I think, I have a picture of me sitting in a cup, from every visit. Overall, the Wonderland is a great setting to turn into theme park attractions etc.

30. Favorite Theme Park Show
Fantasmic – Last year, I was at Disneyland California and even though, I didn’t see the whole show or had a front-view, it was still an amazing spectacular. All the light, the huge boats, the singing – a good combination. It reminded me of the movie Fantasia, which I am not a huge fan of, but the show was great.

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  1. Paps says:

    Need to update your avatar. Just added another year…..


  2. Such a cute post! I love everything Disney!

    Hannah xx |

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  3. Oh I definitely need to do this tag! Your answer for one is spot on for me – I even have a Belle costume too! :D

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

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  4. nickki says:

    Stopping over from the #USbloggers chat tonight! Disney everything!!!! Totally have Let it Go stuck in my head now!!

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