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Like so many other wonderful people out there, I’m a huge Disney fan and of course, I also love to write about it. Since I don’t really have anything prepared for today’s post, I decided to do the Disney Princess tag, which I’ve seen on many other blogs that I follow like A Spoonful of Sugars or Got Meghan’s Blog. And since I’m not in an awesome mood, this will cheer me up, since Disney always manages to do so. I’m also listening to all the movie soundtracks I have and ordered more from Amazon. Yes, I still buy actual CD’s. Anyway, here are my answers and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Oh, and of course, I tag a few lovely people to do this one, as well. Closing WinterGrungy Moon, On The Daylight, The Lipstick Lady Blog and Every Day Girl, you go for it. :)

01. Which Princess do you adore most?
My favorite Princess has always been Belle from The Beauty and the Beast. Of course she’s gorgeous, she loves to read and she listens to her heart and doesn’t get carried away by the charms of Gaston, something I can still learn from her.

Disney Princess Belle

02. Which Princess do you like the least?
I’m not a huge fan of Aurora. I mean, she just sleeps all the time and I just feel like there is nothing really interesting about her.

Sleeping Beauty

03. Which Princess do you relate to most?
I would say I can find something relatable in almost every Disney Princess but again, I will go with Belle. I totally get that she wants so much more than that provincial life, since I currently feel the same way. I can also get completely lost in a good book and her friends and family mean everything to her, which I can definitely relate to.


04. Which sidekick do you wish you had?
I’ve always loved Pocahontas’ gang. Meeko and Flit are adorable and even though technically Percy doesn’t belong to them, for me he does. I love that cute little pug. And in terms of being super helpful at all times, I would want Cinderelli’s mice by my side.


05. Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?
Genie would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind making a wish or two, right now. And does the magic carpet count? I would definitely want him in my gang.

Aladdin Genie

06. Which Prince would love you?
Honestly, I’m not too much into any of the Disney Princes because they’re just all too princy. When it comes to me and guys, it’s always a head vs. heart thing so my head would say Shang and my heart would choose Flynn Ryder. And they better feel the same way about me.

Shang Mulan

07. Which parents would raise you?
I would love to be raised by Chief Powhatan, farther of Pocahontas. Yes, I know that  he just promised her to Kocoum, but what matters is that he is very accepting, admits when he’s wrong and in the end, changes his mind. And from everything that’s told about her mother, she must have been wonderful. I’d definitely choose them as parents.

Chief Powhatan

08. Which town do you want to live in?
Not in any of them, since all I want is to get out of my small town. I’d visit the little French town though from The Beauty and the Beast, grab some fresh baguettes and have a look around the book store.

The Beauty and the Beast village

09. Which Castle do you want to live in?
I love Elsa’s ice palace but I’m not much of a winter person. I think Jasmine’s palace looks incredible but I have to choose Belle’s castle because of the library. I don’t even care about the rest of it. Just let me move into the library and I’ll be happy.


10. Which dress do you wish to own?
Even though yellow isn’t really my favorite color, I’ve always wanted Belle’s dress. I have a shorter costume version of it and a part of me feels like putting it on, right now. If I ever end up filthy rich, I would definitely have someone custom-make that dress for me.


11. Which voice do you wish you had?
They all have beautiful voices but I’d go with Ariel.

The Little Mermaid

12. Which two Princesses would be best friends?
Mulan and Merida would be a total kick-ass duo. They are both strong and fearless and I’m sure they’d experience great adventures, together. I would definitely love to hang out with them.

Mulan and Merida

13. Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another?
Definitely Snowy and Tiana. I mean, they don’t have nothing in common. Snow White is the classic wifey who loves to do housework and just lives her life waiting for a prince to come and save her. Tiana on the other hand works really hard in order to achieve her career goals and she just stumbles upon love, but doesn’t give anything up for it.


14. Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?
Olaf and Mushu. In my head, this just sounds super funny. I mean, a dragon and a snowman? Now that’s what I call a story.

"FROZEN" (Pictured) OLAF. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

15. Which two Princes would be best bud?
Prince Charming from Cinderella and The Prince from Snow White because let’s be honest, they’re pretty much the same person with the same values and all. Marry a lovely young girl, carry her away to your castle and live happily ever after. And the two of them don’t even have real names. What a snoozefest these they are.

Disney Princes
16. Which scene makes you cry?
That moment you think that Anna is actually going to die. I remember watching Frozen at the movies and around me, all the little girls were crying and I had to fight back my tears, as well. Just the thought of loosing your sibling, even worse when it’s kind of your fault, is just a terrible thought.

Anna Frozen

17. What scene makes you cheer?
When Mulan saves the day. To be honest, I usually cry first and then cheer. I’m just always so proud of her because her story is so amazing. Such a brave person and I love strong and fearless girls like her.


18. Which movie is your favourite soundtrack?
The Pocahontas soundtrack was the first CD I ever bought and it has a very special place in my heart. Until today, I love listening to the wonderful music and it will always be my number one pick.


19. Which scene makes you cringe the most?
Pretty much everytime one of the girls declares their endless love for someone they’ve known for like a minute. I know these are fairytales but please, at least give it a date or two.


20. Which story do you wish was your life?
The Princess and the Frog because I totally get where Tiana is coming from and how important it is for her to work hard toward her goals. I want her story because she ends up succeeding and I guess we all want that point in our lives, when we look back and know that it was all worth it.


21. Which movie do you love the most?
In third place, I would say Mulan, in second place Pocahontas and my first place will always be The Beauty and the Beast. For some reason, I’ve always had a deep connection to this movie and the characters, and it’s always my number one go-to. 


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  1. gotmeghan says:

    I really loved your answers!!

    And I agree, Mushu and Olaf would be great friends!! :D


  2. Hahaha I loved this!! !! My favourite castle has to be Maleficent’s, and the best princes/buddies would be Charming and Eric (because secretly attracted to each other)
    Let me finish saying that I adoooooreeeee prince Florian! Not cringe worthy at all, he is simply punctual *I actually wrote a Disney post here, check it out!*



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