Rain, Fast Food and a Broken Suitcase – Travelmonth Part Four

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Week 3

It is absolutely crazy how time flies. You wait so long for something to happen and when it does, it’s over in a second. After Hawaii, we were already halfway through our travelmonth but we definitely still had power for a lot more. After pretty much melting at the Kona airport because our flight was delayed, I was personally happy to fly back to the mainland. Hawaii was fun and all, but I was a little over it and was looking forward to new adventures. Our next stop was New Orleans and boy were we in for some problems. First of all, with the different time zones and three flights, we travelled for 24 hours. We got a couple of hours worth of sleep on the floor of San Jose’s airport, hiding our stuff underneath the chairs next to us, because you never know and had terrible people sitting next to us on a flight. Seriously, that elderly snobby couple, who acted like they were the shit but were obviously not able to afford 1st class, were super annoying. Rude, loud but wanted us not to talk to each other because we were sitting in front of each other. I mean seriously, we did not scream.

I can tell you that we were really happy when we finally made it to NOLA, although our happiness didn’t last very long. First of all, one of my suitcases didn’t survive all those flights. Luckily, nothing was lost or broken, but it’s definitely something you don’t want to deal with during a travel month on a budget. Then came the next shocker, our rental car ended up being a lot more expensive than I had booked it for. Seriously people, be careful, especially when it comes to insurance. The problem is that people can tell you anything they want because they know that you need the car, no matter what. Except for a handful of dollars, all my money was taken for this car. Sure, my friend would pay her part but if there would’ve been only a few dollars less in my account, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for it and we would’ve been really screwed. What a way ro start another roadtrip. And because all of this wasn’t enough, we arrived at our air bnb and didn’t feel comfortable, at all. Yes, the place was like described but something about it was just super strange. The host was nice an all but there is nothing you can really do about a weird feeling. As stupid as it sounds, maybe it was the city. And just for the record, our crazy host had a stripper pole in his bedroom.

Unfortunately we slept through half our first day because of our jetlag and couldn’t see quite as much as we wanted to, but if you want to stay healthy and sane for four weeks of travelling, you should listen to your body. However, we did get to see more of the city and it has beautiful places. Again, we didn’t feel super comfortable but that didn’t keep us from exploring. Oh how beautiful the St. Louis Cathedral is. Jackson square in general is a beautiful places to be and make sure to eat some beignets at Café Du Monde, they’re delicious. I’m sure that New Orleans has a lot of great food to offer but when the budget is tight, at least try this sweet specialty. And yes I admit, instead of spending more money on good food, we bought Disney lunch boxes and I’m not afraid to say it. Also make sure to stop by at the Hurricane Katrina museum next to the Cathedral. It was very sad but also super interesting and we were hooked on everything we learned. And if there is one thing you really, really, really have check out, it’s the Cities of the Dead. I’ve never seen anything like those cemeteries and I found it super fascinating.

St Louis Cathedral New OrleansCities of the Dead New OrleansBeignets Café Du Monde

After two days, we moved on because we had more Southern cities on our list. The best thing about it, from there on, we had nothing but hotels to stay in. Nothing too fancy but our own room, freedom and yes, a little more luxury. Trust me, all it takes to make two girls happy is a hotel room with a TV, a fridge, our own bathroom and a microwave. Heaven on earth. From there on, we didn’t even give food a lot of thought anymore. It was fast food all the way but we absolutely loved it. And not to forget the vending machines. All my life, I’ve always had a special relationship with those in hotels. They are life savers. I had also bought myself a new and much bigger suitcase and all was well. The funny thing was that it was full. Why is this funny? Because the one that broke was only a small carry-on suitcase but it worked just like Marry Poppins’ purse.

The next two stops were Jackson, MS and Birmingham, AL. I wanted to visit both because of it’s African-American history, which was one of my main interests during my studies. Unfortunately, those two places were a little disappointing. The beautiful Mississippi State Capitol was under construction which is annoying, when it’s one of the main reasons you wanted to go. I admit, the old Capitol is pretty too, though. In the end, we enjoyed ourselves a little at the Mississippi State Fair and of course we had to take a ride on the pink ferris wheel. We got a few extra rounds because the boy working there thought we were cute. He was probably around an age, where criminal charges would be filed against me, but I’ll take a free ride, any day. On the ferris wheel, just to be clear. The best part of the day was loading up on Taco Bell food and relaxing in bed, watching Disney Channel. I swear, that’s how our hotel life looked like, for the rest of the trip.

Mississippi State CapitolOld Capitol Jackson Mississippi Mississippi State Fair

Unfortunately, Birmingham didn’t turn out much better. The main reason for going there was the Civil Rights Institute and guess what was closed because of construction? You guessed right. I mean, I pretty much researched everything and when something like this happens, it’s just super frustrating. At least we were able to visit Kelly Ingram Park because it’s outside and free but still, a huge bummer. We probably spent more time at Walmart than we did anywhere else. Not to forget Aldi, which made us freak out. For those of you who are not familiar with this, it’s actually a German company and there are some international ones in the States. Birmingham had one of them and of course it was nice to see a few familiar products. However, my awesome travel buddy found something cool to check out at night, though. Although we didn’t feel super comfortable in the dark, the rainbow lighted tunnel was worth it. I’m a sucker for Instagram worthy places.

Kelly Ingram Park Birmingham AlabamaRainbow Tunnel Birmingham Alabama

Overall, week number three wasn’t the greatest but we still had fun and made the best out of it. Again, a hotel room, junk food and Disney is a foolproof recipe. But it was ok, we still had a few more plans on our list and if you want to find out what happened in our last week, you should come back for tomorrow’s post. If you like this one, make sure to check out part one, twothreefive and six of my little travel series and if you want to see more of New Orleans, you can check out my photography post, as well.

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