Yes, I Play Pokémon GO And I Don’t Care About Your Judgement

I’m pretty sure that by now, everyone has heard of the new game app called Pokémon GO and the worldwide obsession that has erupted within moments, since it’s been released. There have been the craziest stories all over the internet, positive and negative, and the hype with this game is just pure craziness but I think it’s awesome. I never played Pokémon before. I always thought that one or two of them were super cute – can I please catch or develop a Glutexo (Charmeleon)?! – and that’s about it. I even sold my brother’s cards on Ebay. Still, when I heard and read about Pokémon GO, I was intrigued. I mean, how cool is seeing these creatures on your desk, in your bed or anywhere else?! It just fascinates me and I’m not technology geeky enough to fully understand how it works. I showed it to my mom and it freaked her out.Pokémon GOAnyway, I’m slowly getting the hang of it and I catch myself driving around, looking for Pokéstops. Since I live in a small village, there is not much action going on here. It definitely makes a difference where you live. If I was in a big city, I’d be roaming the streets, all day, meet other people, hang around in parks and enjoy the nice weather, but it’s just not happening here. So while I was was looking for a Pokémon, a boy with a skateboard approached me. He was maybe 12/13 and he asked me if I was looking for Pokémon. He addressed me with “sie,” a form that is very polite and used when talking to people who are older than you, who you don’t know, in the German language. It always makes me feel so old when kids do that but I’m 28 so it happens. I was wearing a batman shirt though and playing Pokémon. I’m obviously a cool adult who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Initially, I thought “what the hell are you doing here” – it was just one of those moments – but then I decided to let him explain some things to me. He also told me that he got into trouble for going through other people’s backyards but he can get away with it, since he’s a kid. I’m not planning to do that because I would be super embarrassed if I got caught. I’m 28, after all. One women already thought I was delivering pizza. But I have to say, it must suck to be a kid, playing this game where I live. I mean, where do they get new pokéballs? I can at least get into my car and drive somewhere to collect what I need. Poor kids.

With all the fun, I really need to go to more places and catch more of the little monsters, though. Next week, I’m going to visit my grandma for a few days and we will definitely go for lots of walks and I will bring a portable charger. The company better have sorted out their bugs and server issues, by then. I’m just not so much into walking around all alone so that will be nice and if the app doesn’t work, I’m going to throw my phone against a wall. Unfortunately, nobody I know is playing so I have to do it by myself, like pretty much everything else, anyway. If you’re reading this and you do play, let me know and we’ll meet up. I could also need a lesson or two because I don’t fully have a clue what I’m doing. I haven’t had the guts to fight yet, but I’m team red so I better get my act together. I’m also hatching an egg and I’m curious to see who will jump out of it. I’m kinda hoping for Pummeluff (Jigglypuff).

Pokémon GO

My generation grew up with Pokémon. My brother collected the cards, constantly watched the TV show and fought match after match on his Gameboy and I’m sure lots and lots of others did it too. So why is it so terrible that these people want to relive a little part of their childhood, today? Did the rest of you just end up becoming too old and too serious for playing a game, or are you just too lazy to leave the house? And please don’t tell me it’s because of the whole data panic. The moment you use apps, create accounts, check into places on Facebook, use GoogleMaps etc, you’re doomed anyway, so calm down.

I guess some people just want to be haters because they think it’s cool to be against a hype. Let me tell you one thing, I’m usually the anti-person when it comes to hypes but do I have to constantly comment and criticize? No, I don’t. I just roll my eyes and just let people be. The problem isn’t the game, the general problem of this world is the missing acceptance of one another. So wake up, hating isn’t going to make you any cooler. The thing is, when a new FIFA of Grand Theft Auto game is launched, and people disappear in their rooms for a week, it’s perfectly fine. At least Pokémon GO get’s you out of the house, gets you moving and fresh air isn’t the worst thing in the world. But I guess for some people, isolation is so much cooler and makes more sense.  If you care so highly about people playing this game or not, you should ask yourself why it bothers you so much. And I bet at least half of the highly opinionated people secretly play it, as well. They’re just not confident enough to admit it. Whatever your reasons are, just accept that others are having fun with it.Pokémon GOBefore you throw the negative aspects at me, let me say this. I don’t support people endangering themselves or others because of the game. I don’t support people using the game to commit crimes. I don’t support roaming through backyards or buildings you’re not allowed in. Other than that, I think it’s a fun and good way to combine the love for video games and some fresh air, no matter if you’re young or old. There is really no harm in running around outside and catching some monsters, just watch where you’re going.

So if you see me at the super market, or anywhere else, catching a Pokémon, hurting nobody but my phone battery, just let me do my job.

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5 Responses to Yes, I Play Pokémon GO And I Don’t Care About Your Judgement

  1. Pokemon Go is fantastic! Everyone is either a lover or a hater but I am with you – I’m a lover of it ;)


  2. Franzi says:

    There’s so many people who criticise this game, even people who actually played it once just because they wanted to be “cool”.
    I have always loved Pokemon, tho. I grew up with the games and cards and was so excited when the app came out, so I don’t give a damn if people give me weird looks!

    Franzi. x // []


    • I don’t get their problem, either. I mean, what the hell is sooo bad about it? I mean yeah, there are always some idiots who do stupid things but that is the same with everything. People just think it’s so cool to hate on something everyone loves. I don’t give a damn. :D I have 50 Pokémon and I’m proud of it. :D xx


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