Random Ramblings #3

Random Ramblings #3I know, it’s been a while since I last posted my random ramblings, but I feel like it’s about time for another round. I could probably put together ramblings for a whole book but another post just has to do, for now. These are just random questions and thoughts that went through my head and stuck with me.

  • Will we ever have a normal summer again when it comes to weather?
  • Drinking from cute plastic cups makes me so happy and I don’t know why.
  • Most flat-lay pics bore me. Sorry not sorry.
  • Why do some people act like they don’t need friends anymore when they get older?
  • I can’t believe what this world has come to. It’s a very scary place.
  • I’m so obsessed with Pokémon GO, I’m already dreaming about it when I sleep.
  • Rihanna is really not a good live performer.
  • When guns are allowed in the US but surprise eggs are not because they could be dangerous. *insert monkey hiding his eyes emoji here*
  • It sucks to live somewhere with no Pokémon action.
  • I miss the European Championship. I loved watching as many games as possible.
  • It’s crazy how much it affects me when my phone isn’t properly working.
  • Iceland has the greatest soccer fans.
  • How can people seriously call the Turkish governmental system a democracy?
  • I really don’t know why I hate going to bed early, so much.
  • Why can’t there be free wi-fi everywhere? I’m sure people would be much happier.
  • When you don’t know if someone is flirting with you or not…
  • Nothing feels better than sleeping in your own room and bed.
  • Hating on something that others like doesn’t make you any cooler.
  • That annoying moment when your pokéegg hatches an it’s a Pokémon you already have.
  • How can anyone but rich, white, racist men vote for Donald Trump? I mean, does the rest actually listen to what he’s saying?
  • I can’t believe how hard it is to gain followers on Snapchat and Instagram.
  • I hate feeling depressed.
  • My favorite jelly beans are watermelon and strawberry cheesecake.
  • FRIENDS is just one of these shows that never get’s old.
  • Who ever told guys that women love to receive unsolicited dick pics?
  • How can people say that breastfeeding, taking a bath with your kids and giving them a kiss on the lips is wrong? I can’t stand those people. Their sick minds seem to be the actual problem.
  • I don’t know why I can never fully stick to my blogging schedule. I have all the time in the world, after all.
  • How can it be two years since I graduated from university?
  • I can’t believe how good I was at canoeing. I really thought that I would end up wet.
  • Some people only have “great relationships” because other people keep their mouth shut.

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