Random Ramblings #2

Random Ramblings #2So I’ve written one of these posts in 2013 and now I’m thinking, why not make it a regular series? I mean, there is always so much on my mind that I want to share, so this is a good way to do it. And I just love random ramblings about all kinds of things. Now I love the alliteration random ramblings. I’m weird like that. Yes, I will change the headlines from ramdom thoughts to random ramblings.

  • I feel sad for all the kids who didn’t grow up in the 90s.
  • Why do good things always happen to bad people?
  • Why the hell don’t I have more Instagram followers? I take really good pictures!
  • Urgh, how I would love to correct people’s grammar and spelling, all the time. And I’m not talking about typos. Yes, I’m one of these annoying people.
  • Seriously, learn the difference between live and life, to and too etc. Pet peeve alert!
  • I want to punch people in the face who chew gum with their mouth open.
  • Bad weather always kills my vibe.
  • How am I supposed to find a job when everyone wants work experience? Even for internships?! Hello, I went to university, that should be worth something.
  • People on Twitter are often so much nicer than people in real life.
  • Why don’t I have more single friends?
  • I seriously never know what date it is.
  • Can somebody please come over and clean up my messy room?
  • If I sold everything in our house that nobody needs, I’d be rich. I just need to find more buyers.
  • Why do all these guys on Tinder suck so much?
  • I feel so naked when leaving the house without make-up.
  • Thinking about digging out my burn book so I can blow off some steam.
  • How many times a day can someone not find their remote? It’s ridiculous.
  • This world is going completely nuts.
  • How satisfying it is to make lists.
  • How can people spell someone’s name wrong on Facebook, when it’s shown right above the window for writing posts?
  • When people on casting shows are being rejected for being too good…
  • It’s insane how today’s toys and gadgets maybe last a year and my stuff from the 90s still works in 2016. Those were brilliant toys.
  • Why haven’t they figured out a way to call bottled water “organic?” Wouldn’t that be so clever?! I’m sure someone will figure it out.
  • I wonder if I still talk in my sleep. It’s kinda hard to figure out when you’re always sleeping alone, though.
  • I could decorate my walls with rejection letters.
  • When the lady at the job center tells you things she clearly knows nothing about and all you hear is bla bla bla blaaaaa…
  • The fact that I broght my Tamagotchi back to life just shows that I have too much time.
  • So now that I would consider dating again, I can’t find anyone worth going out with.
  • I should write up some random ramblings about fu*ked up politicians. The list would be endless…
  • How long can I be without a job before I go crazy?
  • When friends lie to you, they are not your friends.
  • I’m totally into Snapchat now. Follow me ► haileyjaderyan
  • And yes, I was just too lazy to put together an actual post.

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4 Responses to Random Ramblings #2

  1. Megs says:

    It’s like you dug around in my brain and pulled stuff out to slap up here.

    For one, my name is spelled Meghan, and even relatives have gone on my Facebook and said, “Hi Megan!” What?

    For two, I stopped counting how many rejection letters I’ve received around 90, but that ought to cover up a wall or two. Bagh.

    (D) When I was in a relationship, everyone was single. Now I’m single and everyone is in a relationship. Thirrrrd wheeeeeel.

    Also, as my blog name suggest, I’m crazy about alliteration.

    Anyway, I could make a list by responding to everything you said, but that would be crazy, so nope.

    This was a fun read!


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