Random Ramblings #1

Random Ramblings #1

  • Who told guys to steal their sisters scarfs?
  • It’s sooo much nicer to wake up in a clean room. Therefore, I clean it up in the middle of the night, love seeing it in the morning and then, it goes back to chaos. I’m strange.
  • Why do the worst dancers always dance on the highest platform?
  • I pity those pretty women who dance in music videos and have to pretend that the often unattractive singer is hot.
  • People who ask about other people’s love life should be arrested.
  • Is there no deodorant available in summer or why do so many people smell funny?
  • I feel bad for everyone who isn’t dating me.
  • In my next life, I’m totally gonna be a rapper. Or a Spice Girl.
  • Spiders always hang around somewhere like they own the place. They walk in and out like they pay rent. Are you all suicidal? My place, my rules. -> No spiders allowed!
  • I really hope that “what goes around comes around” is true. Good for me, bad for others.
  • What did we do in waiting rooms before we had mobile phones?
  • When people post their complete days on Facebook, I think to myself: Can’t be that interesting or you’d have better things to do.
  • Why do people like their own posts/pictures on Facebook? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t post something that you didn’t like.
  • Where is my way to fame?
  • Why did Kim and Kanye name their poor child NORTH?
  • Why don’t McDonald, Burger King, Subway etc. have a delivery service?
  • No real woman leaves IKEA without buying something.
  • Eenie meenie miney mo, which Victoria’s Secret angel will I hook up with, this year? -> Leo DiCaprio on New Years Eve.
  • What came first – egg or chicken? I say egg.
  • Why do I never go to bed when I’m tired?
  • In what world do designers live? Yeah, I got used to fashion being made for skinny girls, but what is your problem with length? Sorry, but I’m not digging this show-off-your-butt fashion!
  • Sometimes, the answer to a question seems so obvious and still, you have problems answering it. What is heavier – 1 pound of rocks or 1 pound of feathers? Are there more right hand or more left hand bends? Is someone good for me or not? The answers are so clear and still, one tends to give the wrong one.
  • Why do they still call it Polly Pocket, when Polly doesn’t fit into your pocket, anymore?

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