In & Out VMA Edition

Woooow, what a night that was! Since I was a child, I loved watching award shows. and I try to watch them all. Even tough I was tired as hell, I stayed up all night to watch the VMAs. Here in Germany that meant from 2-5:30 AM. But it was worth it. At least after the first thirty minutes. There was no host, Lady Gaga was boring and I’m not even going to start to write about Miley Cyrus. My face totally looked like those of the Smith family – pure shock! Miley, you’re gorgeous, we know you’re not a child anymore but please, that was highly embarrassing. And not only because an underaged girl twerked and grinded on Robin Thicke like her life depended on it. I still just want to get these pictures out of my head.

Anyway, Justin Timberlake totally made up for all of you. Boy, what a 15-20 minute concert. Still, I wish NSYNC would have lasted longer than a minute. My personal highlight though, was this Taylor Swift vs. Harry Styles thing. I laughed sooo hard when she gave her speech. Now, I love her even more. And she and Selena Gomez were the most gorgeous people on earth. Those dresses were amazing.

To make it short, here is my personal in and out list:



  • men in suits
  • Pharell Williams arriving with his crew on bikes
  • Brooklyn
  • Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez looking absolutely stunning in their elegant dresses
  • Taylor saying: STFU! :D
  • Selena winning -> looove the song
  • Ariana Grande’s voice
  • Danity Kane reunion
  • an army of teddy bears
  • Taylor’s thank you speech
  • “Gay rights are human rights – there is no separation!” ~ Macklemore
  • Justin Timberlakes dancing skills and his incredible performance
  • NSYNC reunion
  • Gaga in her mermaid outfit
  • Jennifer Hudson surprise performance
  • Drake
  • The incredible Katy Perry performing next to the Brooklyn Bridge
  • The audience’s faces during Miley’s and Robyn’s show
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • MileyCirus’ hair & outfit
  • Lady Gaga’s rather boring outfit
  • animal prints
  • Austin Mahone’s hidious performance outfit
  • no host
  • Gaga’s lame performance
  • too many breaks
  • Miley Cyrus + Robyn Thicke = one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen
  • Beetlejuice suit
  • several artists not hitting the notes
  • the camera not showing Taylor Swift’s face during Kanye’s performance
  • NSYNC only performing for like a minute
  • Kanye’s wannabe dancing skills
  • A$AP Rocky’s hair
  • Rihanna looking bored as hell
  • Jaden Smith almost crying after Drake’s performance. Bohooo!
  • Twerking!
  • “Blurred Lines” didn’t get an award
  • Taylor didn’t interrupt Kanye’s performance (THAT would’ve been the coolest thing ever!)

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