Why Donald Trump’s Misogyny Doesn’t Shock Me

Donald Trump Iowa Source: rawstory.com (REUTERS/Scott Morgan)

I could start by telling you how much I detest Donald Trump. I could describe him with every swear word that comes to my mind. I could go on and on about why I feel sorry for this orange-faced old man, but so much has been said and written about him, so I won’t do it. And I couldn’t be more on point than Robert De Niro anyway, so watch his video instead.

Everytime Donald Trump talks or tweets, some misogynist crap leaves his mouth and people are left in utter shock. You’ll see it all over the news and people discuss it, over and over again, because it’s sure isn’t ok. It seems like he has no respect for anyone but himself, and boy does he love to target women. But I don’t understand why everyone is so shocked by any of it because let’s be honest, this happens all over the world, every single day. The only reason why people are completely freaking out in this particular case, is because a person, who is so openly vocal about his inhuman opinions, can actually become president of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important that we talk about this man and the dangers he entails, but if you think about it further, it should not come as big surprise to you that a man thinks so low of women. Trump’s behavior is what women have to deal with in their everyday-life. There are days when I feel like I’m living in the middle-ages because it sure does not feel like 21st-century thinking. The fact that so many people vote for a misogynist, racist and totally insane person like Trump shows this, more than ever. In many ways, our world is developing backwards. Unfortunately, the US wouldn’t be the first country for this to happen to, and it’s terrifying.

His behavior that we see, over and over again, doesn’t shock me because it happens everywhere around me. No, not all men are like this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, if you support equality for every human being on this planet, no matter what gender, race or color. But the sad reality is that there are so many people out there who don’t care for equality. The majority being men. Women are worth a lot less than they are. It has always been the case and it is an ongoing problem. Yes, a lot has changed and that is a good thing but it simply isn’t enough. At times, it seems like no matter what we do, it’s wrong anyway. Women can make the same mistakes as men, do the same job as men but still get judged for it, on a whole nother level. And even if you do a fantastic job, you will find someone judging you for what you’re wearing, for having wrinkles, for not smiling enough. Because God forbid, how can a woman not smile 24/7? Monster!

We’ve probably all seen and heard the footage that has just been released. Donald Trump and Billy Bush joking about sexual assault toward women and how it’s totally ok, especially when you’re famous. A president who glorifies rape culture is just what the world needs. This whole conversation was of course downplayed by calling it simple “locker-room banter.” Like this is just the most normal way to talk about other human beings.

The thing is that unfortunately, it’s partly true. I’m not saying that all guys talk about sexually assaulting and harassing girls, although I wouldn’t completely rule it out. Trump, surprise, surprise, gives a very extreme example of “locker-room banter,” but don’t think this doesn’t happen anywhere else. Often, it may be big talk to impress some buddies, but for whatever reason this talk happens, it’s just wrong.

I remember listening to some guys at school grading us girls by looks and thinking about who they would have sex with. One of the girls had a banging body but would need to cover her head with a paper bag cause she ain’t pretty enough. People can argue all they want that this is how boys talk and not men, but you know that it’s happening and I’m simply not shocked by this, at all.

Even when this banter doesn’t include glamorizing sexual assault, what is still left, is the never ending judgement. You can’t imagine how many times I had to sit there, listening to my grandpa judge a women’s work by how she looks. If she’s not up to his standard, she pretty much never knows what she’s doing. It is painful to listen to and makes me sick to the stomach, but no matter what I say, I can’t change it. Believe me, I tried. But there are so many men like this out there, young and old, who think this way. Who don’t want to see equality, who only want to control us. We’re supposed to be pretty, happy housewives – simply born to please men.

And if we dare to want more for ourselves? It’s a tricky path. We have to justify wanting a job, wanting power, wanting everything that men can have. But what about kids, a family? Because that is the only reasonable thing a woman should want. We have to think about every move we make. If we go to a job interview and show just slightly too much cleavage, men could think that we’re easy targets and that we want to cover for the fact that we’re not as good as they are. If we’re not super attractive, which always lies in the eye of the beholder, we better have qualifications beyond compare. We have to work ten times harder than every man to have people listen to us and still, there will be the one guy who can’t resist to interrupt and try to walk all over you.

When you’re too hard, you’re a bitch. If you’re too sweet, you’re an easy target. If you defend yourself for something, it’s wrong. When you don’t defend yourself, it’s your own fault. I could go on and on like this but I’m sure that every woman knows exactly what I mean.

Therefore, whenever Donald Trump talks badly about women, know that unfortunately, he is only one in a million guys to do that. Don’t be shocked, because it’s reality. Instead, try to prevent someone like this from gaining power. Take your anger, your hurt feelings, your worries and do whatever you can to keep another con artist from ruling a country. Also let nobody else treat you that way, no matter if famous or not. And if for some reason you still feel like supporting Donald Trump, know what kind of signal you send out to the world, your friends, your children, your family, if you vote for this misogynist, racist, inhuman person.

Oh, and…

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6 Responses to Why Donald Trump’s Misogyny Doesn’t Shock Me

  1. Erica Marie says:

    Trump is an idiot!!


  2. I know I shared my love for this on social media but I had to comment again and be like YASSS GURL because it’s really everything. It’s absolutely baffling to me that someone like that can be so close to the Presidency but his views are echoed by so many.

    That tweet at the end just sums it up 100%.

    Top post as always, if I could share it 247283647346 times I would.

    PS Thanks for being a super babe with commenting on my blog posts, I’m finally catching up with them all and you’re the best! xxxx


    • Thank you so much for the love. And hey, feel free to share as much as you like. :D The more people think about this, the better. Comes November 8th, I will be sitting here praying for this not to happen. I’m pretty sure that it will not only affect the US. The world doesn’t need another scumbag like this guy. :(

      And of course, I leave you comments. You’re my pal and I like what you do. When I finally had some time again, I read through my whole Bloglovin feed and as usual, I liked your posts best. :)


  3. Tina says:

    This is such a brilliant post, so well put together and urgh! Why does it need writing? I’m glad it was written and think it’s great, but I’m actually amazed that somebody like this is in the running for President. And there are actual people voting for him and standing behind him. How can that be real?
    I get what you mean about it not just being him either, it’s infuriating that people can think in this way and put it out there as if it’s normal. xx


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