Goodbye October 2016

Bye Bye lovely October,

and hello November. It’s only the 3rd of the month and it’s already raining. Soon, the beautiful colors will fade and until there is snow, everything will just look miserable. Yup, I’m not a huge fan of November. But who knows what it will bring us. A longer October would have been nice though because it was a pretty good month. I feel like I was out everyday doing something and although I’m not really used to it, it is good for me. It helps to prevent me from hiding in my room, doing literally nothing and feeling too depressed to even leave my bed. I don’t want to feel like that again, so I try to stay busy.

November 3rd means that it has been one year and five days since I came back to Germany. That also means, it’s been one year and five days since I’ve been unemployed. I really hoped to have good news by now, but currently it’s not looking all too well. There are still positions that I’m hoping for but considering my luck in this whole process, I’m not going to get my hopes up too high. I just live with it and I will sit this out until I find what I’m looking for. No, I will not consider doing something else, I will not let people pressure me and I will also not give up.

This month was packed with dates and I had lots of fun. I went to the movies like five times because there are so many great movies out, had some chill time with some lovies including food and gossip, spent time with my family, visited stores and was in general just a lot more active. And still, I managed to write some blog posts and catch up on all the TV shows I’m currently watching. (About 12 and don’t judge me.) It was just overall a good month and I hope that it will stay that way. I must admit though that I have pretty much zero love for November. I mean, it’s such a bla month. The beauty of fall fades, the full winter and Christmas spirit isn’t here either and there is just nothing really great about it.

But we can’t skip November and just have to make the best of it. I’m not fully booked yet when it comes to dates but there are a lot of ideas floating around so I’m sure I won’t just hide in bed, 24/7. And when I do, I just always blame it on how cold it is. Haha. That’s the benefit of being unemployed, although I really don’t want this to go on forever. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to receive some good news on the job front by the end of the year and who knows, maybe November will be my lucky month and then I will love it forever.

Have a fabulous month, everyone. Please make sure to get your winter tires rollin’ and just stay safe in general. Embrace the small things in life, do whatever makes you happy, don’t think too much about what others think of you because you are amazing just the way you are. (Insert Bruno Mars singing here.)

Colorful greetings,

XO Hailey 

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4 Responses to Goodbye October 2016

  1. aww good luck on the job!!! & you can always make november christmassy get them tunes on ahaha and get in the winter feels by dressing in your cosies by the fire xx


    • Thank you so much. I’m taking all he luck I can get. It’s definitely been too long. I agree about the winter party. I’ve just watched the Grinch and loved it. Unfortunately I don’t have a fire place but we already have snow. Haha xx


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