My Top 50+ Pet Peeves

Yes, I am one of these people who can get worked up over every little annoying thing. I always try my hardest to ignore them and not to say something or freak out but that doesn’t always work so well. It’s crazy how many things actually annoy you when you think about it. I’m pretty sure I could put together another list like this, but I don’t want to be “one of these people” too much. ( I totally am though. :D ) I would love to hear some of your pet-peeves. What drives you nuts? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one.

Angry Bitmoji

01. Chewing gum with your mouth open.
02. Throwing trash out of your car window.
03. Not knowing the difference between to/too, live/life etc.
04. When toilet seats are left open.
05. Misogynists, racists…basically the Trump’s of this world.
06. Loud chewing noises.
07. When people walk really slowly.
08. Bad service.
09. Smoking in cars when children are in it.
10. When someone eats my food.
11. The use of “could of,” “would of” etc. It’s incorrect!
12. Other people talking while I’m trying to watch something.
13. When something in my room is moved by someone else.
14.  The word “cuppa.” (Please don’t hate me. :D )
15. People who constantly ask “what” when others are talking.
16. When jam etc. is not evenly spread on my toast.
17. Straight bra straps with a racerback top.
18. When people don’t clean up after themselves.
19. When toilet paper is unrolling down the back and not the front.
20. When people don’t refill the fridge.
21. Noise in general drives me insane.
22. When people push when I’m standing in line.
23. Guys thinking it’s just ok to fart everywhere.
24. People jumping from one relationship to another while talking about real love.
25. When I’m in the middle of something and my battery dies.
26. People who cut in line.
27. When my computer freezes.
28. When my size is out of stock.
29. Waiting is just the worst for me.
30. Injustice.
31. Drivers who just get super slow for no reason.
32. When the whole parking lot is free but someone parks next to me.
33. Same goes for people on public transportation.
34. Ghosting.
35. When I miss a call, call back immediately and the person doesn’t answer.
36. When I walk and something in my bag constantly makes a noise.
37. Bad table manners.
38. Not having change when I really need it. Like hellooo penny press machine.
39. Couple social media accounts.
40. Unwashed hands after using the bathroom.
41. People who take forever during security checks at airports.
42. Items with no price tag at the store.
43. Toothpaste without the cap on.
44. Ignorance.
45. When people do this weird tongue sound, everytime they start talking.
46. A congested nose.
47. When a clothing label is turned outside.
48. Very bratty children.
49. The smell of sweat.
50. When people look at me while I’m eating.
51. Bad tips for good service.
52. People who just stop for a conversation in front of an entrance/exit.
53. When someone puts their toothbrush in my cup.

To be continued…

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11 Responses to My Top 50+ Pet Peeves

  1. Tina says:

    I actually can’t get over this post! I read every single one ready to point out the ones I didn’t get, but I honestly am with you on every single one! I even surprisingly don’t like the word cuppa and never use it, but it seemed to fit well with my catch up posts ‘Cuppa & Catch Up’.
    I’d like to add to the people sitting next to you bit – toilets. There’s ten empty cubicles but they go in the one next to you! Why?


    • OMG, agree. I guess in some stalls, you can’t see if someone is in or not but I usually take the one furthest away from anyone. :D Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by all of this. It’s actually a lot when you think about it but I just got zero chill.

      Cuppa&Catch Up totally makes sense though. I can’t even explain why I don’t like certain words. It’s the same for German. Some words, I just hate! :D


      • Tina says:

        Haha no I get it! I never liked cuppa or squash. Ew.
        Haha it is a lot. The weird thing is I’m so laid back about big things but it’s the little things where I just think is that necessary? X


  2. – People who chew with their mouth open
    – Hairdressers who insist on talking to you
    – Essex accents
    – Justin Bieber
    – Parents who smoke in front of their children
    – Contestants on the Great British Bake Off who give a commentary like they’re a professional pastry chef
    – Litter
    – Manipulative, butter-wouldn’t-melt children
    – People who take themselves too seriously

    I have to stop before this gets out of hand!


  3. Jaye Rose` says:

    Hahaha, love this although can’t believe you don’t like the word “cuppa” – that made me both gasp in shock AND chuckle!



    • I knew I would shock some people. :D But there are just some words I can’t stand and there is no particular reason for that. I’m sure if you think hard about it, you’ll find words you don’t like. :) Thanks for reading. xx


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  5. omg i’m with you on all of this, i was literally reading them nodding along ahaha except for cuppa i use that word far too much sorry!


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