Goodbye September 2016

Hello babes,

It’s October and I am happy because two days ago, I came home from my internship. Sleeping in your own bed, after a month, is just the best feeling ever. Also, it’s fall and I like this season. I’m so over shaving my legs and painting my toe nails, so this is great.

Yeah, I’m back from my internship and what can I say. It was a good experience that cost me a lot of nerves, here and there. After being unemployed for ten months, it was super hard to actually go to work. And as an intern, you just have the crappiest position of all. But I worked my way through it and after a while, I didn’t call my mom on a daily basis, anymore, crying like a little girl. I was just overwhelmed by the situation and still frustrated because of the overall situation I’m in. And I wasn’t a huge fan of the living circumstances for the month, as well. I’m sooo not cut out for living with roommates. It drives me nuts! Also, small beds are hell. I HATE THEM! And living without a full-length mirror for a month? Not cool!

But now I’m home and happy. I have new motivation and a plan for my future. So, even though the internship doesn’t make first place on my list of favorite jobs, I learned a lot and it was a very good experience. But you wouldn’t believe how fast my car was loaded and ready to hit the road. I really, really missed my room. It’s my happy place and it just makes me feel good.

A positive aspect of wanting time to go by as fast as possible, was me making lots of phone calls. I talked to my family a lot and especially rang up people who I don’t see or talk to, very often. It was just nice to exchange updates on our lives and for once, I could actually say that I’m doing something and that I have a plan. And I didn’t cry, anymore. Go me!

Unfortunately, I hardly did any blogging or took part in Twitter chats. I really missed both. I was just so tired and overwhelmed and just couldn’t get myself motivated. However, I do have lots of ideas for blog posts and tons of pictures to edit. There will hopefully be a lot of new stuff on the blog, this month. And to those following me on Twitter: I’m so, so sorry for all my complaining and moaning. I promise, I will stop. To those who unfollowed: You never had a bad day? Lucky you!

So I’m in a very good mood, I have a ton of ideas for what I want to do with my life, lots of plans with friends and motivation. I really missed it. I’m actually thinking about dragging my butt back to the gym. I’m not promising anything but I’m considering it. I also want to continue working on my scrapbook because it will be soooo pretty when it’s done.

I hope that everyone will have a lovely month and is full of motivation and happiness. I really have to say, it feels so much better than being depressed, 24/7. But I know that it’s very hard and that sometimes, you just feel like crap. For a day, for a week, for months…that’s ok too. I’m just glad to feel good about myself, for a change, and I really hope it stays like this.

Tons of love!

XO Hailey 

Have a nice day

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5 Responses to Goodbye September 2016

  1. Tina says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’reback! But as you say, it’s all experience :) Looking forward to more posts and I’ll be rooting for you from all the way over here! xx


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